VIDEO: Jaleel Wadood Interview

Apr. 9 -- Danielle Alvari interviews Jaleel Wadood about his improvement since last year...

Jaleel Wadood:

Transcript below is from Wadood's interview with the media:

On his comfort level:
Me knowing the things I didn't know last year, its allowing me to play faster and the best of my ability. Its helped me perfect my craft. Jumping routes I didn't normally jump. Its helping.

On having Randall Goforth back:
He just knows so much. There are things he'll coach me up. He doesn't miss a beat out there. He's right back where he was and is big to have someone like that who knows the safety position. He gives me little tips to make a better play.

On his spring goals:
Slowing my coverages down so I can know where I'm supposed to be and make the plays I'm supposed to make. Working on my hand and eye coordination, getting out of my breaks, my backpedal.

On what his expectation for playing time as a freshman was:
I wasn't worried about playing time, I was worried about competing, trying to get on the field. I had to work for it so I was mainly focused on what I had to do.

On if there was an adjustment period for him:
There were some things I did good and some things I had to do way better. During my freshman year, I learned things and it's helped me much more to this point.

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