VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Apr. 9 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about more live drills in practice today, the plan for the quarterback rotation, young players flashing, and more...

Opening statement:
It was a good practice in the respects in that we came out after a very physcial practice yesterday and matched that. We went short live. We did some competitive third down. What I'm most impressed with right now is their mindset and their ability to come out here and focus and compete and work without it being a bloodbath. You get a lot of work done when you compete like we do without beating each other. There is a profressional approach from our team and I like that and you need to have that.

On if thats a product of him being in his fourth spring:
I believe so. They know how we practice, what the tempo is, what the expectations are and they come out and have a great attitude and its fun to watch. To understand what it has to be. I hope it helps us avoid those dips.

On Aaron Sharp to receiver:
I wouldn't say anything is permanent, but he looks good there. He's got that long speed and length. He seems to be excited about the move. He's working hard there and I think that's a good spot for him. What you like about Aaron is he wanted to play quarterback, but he wasn't getting reps there and said 'well maybe, I can work in at receiver and help the team.' It was his idea.

On Mike Fafauel:
What you're seeing here, the quarterback who works with the ones has the best day and thats how it should be, with a good offensive line and receivers and running game. Things are more clean. The guys with the twos, its not as clean every day. I think we all have a little more confidence in Mike, this is his fourth spring and he's doing a hell of a job.

On trimming the QB depth chart:
I think we'll go through at least Monday night, which will be eight. That will be fair. That gives Jerry and Asiantii Saturday, which will be a good physical practice and it will give Mike and Josh Monday night. Then after that, everyone will have gotten to work with the ones for an extended period of time. You can do a more fair evalutation. I do like the way we're rotating the quarterbacks. When you water down the reps, its hard to get an evaluation.

On Jayon Brown:
He gives you energy, he loves to play the game, he can run and hit. He's much more comfortable in the spring. He gives you an athleticism at linebacker. Both he and Isaako. Couple of really good players. That depth is good for us.

On Randall Goforth's versatility:
He can play free to strong to corner to nickel. As hard as it was to sit out, it was difficult for him. He saw what he was missing and he's focused more. He came in as a corner, we moved him to safety but he still has corner skills. Its a real positive, as versatile as he is.

On pleasant surprises this spring:
Its hard to point anyone out, but Alex Van Dyke, after the first practice or two, he had the drops, but he's just gone like this every day and you see the confidence. Adarius Pickett does some good things at safety and settling in to the position. Nate Starks, I don't think that was a surprise. Denzel Fisher does some things good at corner. Its nice to have Johnny Johnson back. I don't know if he's confident in his shoulder, but his feet are magical. I don't want to discount anybody but those are some who've stood out to me. Another guy who's showed up is Cameron Griffin.

On Kenny Orjioke:
Its going well. He had some early setbacks. He had some scar tissue but now he looks good. He won't do anything in the spring, but will work with Coach Alosi and I have no doubt he'll be back in the fall. He did get the season back.

On who all got medical redshirts:
Kenny and Randal both got their season back, Ish got his season back (from 2012), I don't know if there is anyone else. Najee, I think he did.

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