VIDEO: Sharp on Playing Receiver

Apr. 9 -- Quarterback-turned-receiver Aaron Sharp talks about whether the switch is permanent...

Aaron Sharp:

On receiver being permanent:
Its just something I'm trying out and trying to contribute to the team. Whether quarterback or receiver. Just trying it out.

On his comfort level there:
The past couple days and today, I feel pretty comfortable.

On if he played receiver:
When I was seven but I played in the backyard with my brothers, so I guess you could say I worked on it a little.

On blocking:
Its different. I'm kind of use to getting hit and contact. But nothing I can't handle.

On playing Y:
The depth there. Coaches asked me if I would play Y.

On his idea on the move:
I told Coach, if I could get reps at something else, if I wasn't to get it, I wanted to be ready come time and make that move. Ultimately, I wanted to help my team.

On his size:
6-3, about 205. I feel pretty good moving around. It depends on what the coaches want me at.

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