VIDEO: Goforth on Shoulders, Position

Apr. 11 -- Junior safety Randall Goforth talks about recovering from shoulder surgery, how comfortable he is, and versatility in the secondary...

Randall Goforth:

This is Goforth's interview in the media scrum:
Randall Goforth:

On being back:
It feels great being back out there with my teammates. I'm more humbled and blessed to be back.

On how eager he is to hit:
Its a process. Im consicously knowing to hold up, but every once in a while, its in my DNA.

On if he'll stay in the red jersey the rest of spring:
Most likely, however it goes and whatever the coaches want.

On how he feels:
It feels good. I had my left one done first and then my right one. Its been about four months.

On how close to being fully recovered:
Its a process every day, I'm just going in to get my treatment.

On if there was a benefit to sitting out:
I feel like me sitting out a season really humbled me and made me want to take my game to another level. I'm proud of my teammates and this year I'm trying to get back in the chemistry with my teammates.

On if he had a different perspective last year:
Definitely, because when you're out there, there are things you don't see, but when you sit back and watch, you see what's going on. Being able to help the young guys, which are now becoming veterans, seeing from the sidelines really help.

On moving around in the secondary:
I feel like players trust me and I trust the players and I'll feel where I'm needed. If I see the ball in the are, I'll go get it.

On if he's the de facto leader:
I like to think of us all as brothers, we don't have one leader. I take advice from Jaleel Wadood and he takes advice from me. We're all one brotherhood.

On the chemistry with Jaleel Wadood:
I've known Jaleel since we were younger, back in the Snoop Youth League. Tahaan as well.

On Marcus Rios:
I'm proud of him, I tell him that every day. Him going through what he went through. Seeing him now, makes me want to do right and do better myself.

On the secondary experience:
We're getting older every year and being smart. It makes it easier for Coach Meat and Coach Mora that we know our job.

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