VIDEO: Bradley on Spring Development

Apr. 11 -- Defensie Coordinator Tom Bradley talked about the scrimmage situations Saturday, and getting to know the players...

On the defense so far:
I think we're progressing. Today is the first day we really got after each other pretty good. I'm a guy who doesn't mind if we make mistakes out here as long as we don't make them on game day. There were some things that came up today. Different things we can work with our players on. You have to take care of the little things and then the big things take care of themselves. We just have to become more disciplined. It was a good day for me, I got a better feel because there were some things that came up that come up in scrimmages.

On if he's getting a better feel for his personnel:
Yeah, I am. I think when I'll watch the tape, I'll have a better feel. I'll go in and look at things. I always spend time looking at the first few scrimmages. You're not trying to call defenses to beat anything, you're trying to work.

On if he's seeing steady growth:
I think so. I'm feeling better so I figured if I'm feeling better they must be. We're growing. There are little things that pop up each day that will take time. Like anything, time is your enemy here, you only have so much time and practice. We have to make the most. We can't afford to waste a spring practice.

On how UCLA structures spring compared to previous schools:
A little bit different in that they pump music so I'm getting the hang of that. Jim actually threw in some Sinatra and The Temptations cause I was teasing him, so he threw that in there. I heard the players singing it. The pace is different, the way we practice is different, thats a little different. At West Virginia, it was like that. At Penn State we had a different structure. There is no right or wrong way, you just learn from it.

On where he rates this defense on talent:
I have a hard time doing that now, I'll know better next time during the season. This week I've started calling kids in to the office to spend time, get to know them as people, it's still a people's game. Right now, it's been X's and O's. I want to get their feedback.

On if he'll meet with everyone individually:
Just certain guys, and I'll pick my spots. Its not going to be a formal deal. They may have some questions for me.

On if he's still in information mode:
That's a good way of putting it, since I'm still the new guy. Its very hard, the one thing you miss out on, when you're not involved in the recruiting process. I don't know where they came from, what they've been through. When you don't recruit them, you don't know their background.

On if he's a sideline or press box guy:
I'm a sideline guy. That way the head coach can grab me around the neck. I've always been down on the sideline. I like it better down there. When you're on the sidelines, you can see their eyes. Its easier to see if they get it. I've got to get to know them and their mannerisms and you can see that. I'll have some time.

On if they're at where he wants them to be:
They're never where we want them to be and we know it. We've put a lot of things in early. We have so much in and we'll keep adding and when we get through spring, we'll have film and tape and we'll be able to settle down and know who we are.

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