VIDEO: Van Dyke Coming On

Apr. 13 -- Sophomore receiver Alex Van Dyke talked about starting spring slowly but then improving, and how playing briefly last season helped him...

Alex Van Dyke answered questions at practice.

On how he feels:
Speaking for myself, its going good. We're having fun. Competitive, everyone is doing their thing.

On what he wanted to prove:
I wanted to show I can derop my weight and run routes. I can run crisp routes and catch everything coming my way and knowing coverages.

On playing as a true freshman:
That was a great experience and got me in the swing of things so I'm not new to everything. It warmed me up.

On if he was happy playing as a true freshman:
Overall I was happy, it was a great experience, the team was good.

If he expected to redshirt:
I came in here not wanting to redshirt, I wanted to compete for a spot.

On the quarterback competition:
The quarterback competition is good, every one of them is good, as long as they throw the ball. I'm a receiver so just get us the ball. I have love for everybody.

On his relationship with the coaches:
Its nothing big, they do their job, we do ours. We run the routes, they get it to is.

On his size:
Inm pretty solid with myself right now. If i get bigger, it happens. I'm 216 right now.

On if he's hitting his stride:
For spring, the first few practices I was alright, but then I started getting things going.

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