VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Apr. 13 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about Josh Rosen missing practice, Asiantii Woulard, some injuries and more...

Opening statement:
It was a really good practice. Long for us, competitive, spirited. We got a lot of work in and took another step forward so I'm pretty pleased.

On Josh Rosen:
He wasn't here today, nothing serious, a personal deal. I gave him the day off. Its nothing to do with anything, other than he needed a personal day off.

On the quarterback reps:
We had 89 live snaps on Saturday, and that's a full game. They all got at least 20. A couple guys got more than that. It gave them a chance behind the first offensive line. It gives you a better feel on a day like that. Asiantii had his best day since he's been there. Things are moving in the right direction at that position.

On if they'll stick with the QB reps rotation:
We'll talk about that. We haven't decided that yet. We said after eight practices. Today was eight and we'll reevalute that and see what's best moving forward.

On what Woulard did differently on Saturday:
I don't think he did anything different. Its just, for some reason, he looked more comfortable. Every player at some point reaches a point in their development where the game slows down. When you get to that number of snaps, you recognize things differently. As good as he is, as talented as he is, as good as his arm is, he hasn't played a lot in game situations. Any time he gets out there in a competitive situation, its a great opportunity for him.

On Mossi Johnson getting tweaked:
I think he did, I don't know. If he did, you guys know Mossi, it won't hold him back. He's wildly competitive and I love the way he competes. I don't think anything serious happened to anyone.

On Caleb Benenoch:
He did a little more. He's not quite ready for full team reps, but he did more. Hopefully by the end of the week, he's ready to go. We just have to be careful and smart.

On the injured players:
Eldridge ran out on the side, Priest his shoulder doesn't feel right, but he did some individual stuff. We're pretty healthy for six physical practices we've had.

On the secondary:
It's good having Randall back. It think that's a big deal. He's a veteran and smart and certain about his calls. So having him in there makes a big difference. Having depth at the corner position like we have is the best since I've been here. Fabian is doing well so is Ish. Marcus Rios is doing well, Denzel Fisher is doing well. And we've got some good ones coming in.

On Marcus Rios' weight:
I think its been a slow gradual gain since he got sick. He looks good. His arms, he loves his arms. Guys tease him and say he amputated his legs and attached them to his shoulders. He looks healthy and confident and strong. Its great to see. Especially where he's coming from.

On managing Jordan Lasley:
Well, he's gone five practices without having an issue. He's doing well. And they're after him all the time. I think its great and they're challenging him and they're trying to get in his head. It's a sign he's growing up. I think those first three practices, he was a quick trigger. You saw it today, he short armed one and fumbled the other and guys were in his face and taunting him and trying to get him going and he knows they're going to do that and he walked away. To me, it was a real positive for him. I love his competitiveness and his passion and if he can come out of this spring the way he has the last five practices, that will be a real positive.

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