VIDEO: Rios on Spring So Far

Apr. 14 -- Cornerback Marcus Rios talks about his offseason weight gain and how the spring is going so far...

Marcus Rios:

Here's the Rios interview from the media scrum:

On his weight:
I've put on a lot of weight. Probably about 185 now from 160. A lot of weight.

On if its the strongest he's felt:
Definitely, for sure. I was working hard, the whole team was working hard. I knew I had a lot of catching up to do and was working hard all offseason.

On what he changed:
Nothing really, same routine, just Coach Alosi and his program was really good.

On how he feels being on the field:
It feels good. Its not even that, just being out there with my team, being in the mix again. Just being able to work hard and compete with my teammates.

On his confidence level:
Its real confident. You have to have real confidence. That comes from working hard every day. Thats what I do and what the team does. Getting better everyday and doing our job in practice.

On if he ever imagined getting back to this point:
I knew I would. I was never worried about anything, I knew it would take a lot of hard work. With the support of the team and staff, I knew I'd be back out here.

On if there was a game where it clicked:
Just being back out here, not necessarily the games, but being back out here, going to school. The games were another part.

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