VIDEO: Martin on Defensive Backs

Apr. 14 -- Demetrice Martin talks about Fabian Moreau's improved ball skills, Marcus Rios' improved physique, and more...

On the progression of the defensive backs:
This group is pretty good and coming along really fine. I'm glad we got to implement the techniques the past two or three years. Its making it easier. We have a veteran group since the days of Hester and Price and Abbott and McDonald, so those guys are of age. Its easier to make adjustments. All it is is changing names.

On Marcus Rios:
A lot of growth and a lot of confidence and maturity and understanding and where he fits within each coverage. The main thing I'm trying to get with this group is position versatility. Its something we got away with last year because of our numbers and injuries forced us into it. Now guys have bought in to knowing every position, which helps them at their home position.

On if its the deepest secondary he's had at UCLA:
Since I've been here, yes. Its definitely the deepest and I can't wait till fall camp when the youngsters get in here.

On Rios' confidence:
Now that he's feeling a lot more cushion for the pushing, I always joke he took his legs off and attached them to his shoulders and put his arms on his legs. He's able to run into guys and feeling real muscular. He'll do 1,000 push ups a day, thinking he's Popeye. He's fearless. We all know his story so its great to see.

On Fabian Moreau:
I wanted to see him fine tune some of the little things that he didn't recognize was wrong with his game. I call him a Cadillac, he's such a smooth guy, sometimes he feels like he's in a great position and then it looks like he laxes. He's running stride for stride and then his feet stop. He's doing better though.

On if Moreau's ball skills have improved:
Yes because he's paying attention to that. Its a process and that's one part of his game that if he can get better on, he's a stud.

On Johnny Johnson:
He's really good. Johnny Johnson has impressed me a lot. He's the one-armed bandit still, carrying that arm cautiously, but he's not afraid to stick his face in there. He has awesome feet. His feet put him in very good positions. When he's able to use that shoulder and other hand, he'll be something special. I can't wait until he's all the way healthy.

On what he wanted from Randall Goforth when he was out:
I basically wanted him to become a coach on the sideline. Those were a lot of things we worked on. I wanted him watching on the sidelines, watch for in-game adjustments, the route concepts and watch the offensive coaches on the other side, their body language and demeanor and I think that's helped him a lot. And you can tell because when he's in there with the first group or any group, its much more calm. He'll get them in the right position and he's bought in to that. He's moving around really well, pad level low, change of direction is awesome and get him out of the red jersey and to the first game.

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