VIDEO: Brown on Development

Apr. 15 -- Jayon Brown talks about developing into a linebacker over the last few years...

Jayon Brown:

On the journey to inside linebacker:
From my freshman year to my junior year, I'd been with Coach Alosi and got more comfortable with the system and got bigger. Fit in to my body more and more comfortable. I feel more comfortable closer to the ball and able to make more plays and that's my natural position. The coaches taught me certain concepts to read the line, react to pullers and routes. They've been working with me more schematically.

On if watching Myles Jack has helped him:
I've been working with Myles since we came in together. He's a baller. I try to base my game more off EK, he has a chance to go first round. I'm trying to live up to those. Be the best linebacker I can be.

On if he can identify Kendricks:
Me and EK talk about that, underrecruited in high school. When you come to college, it doesn't matter if you're a 5-star or 3-star whatever, we're all D-I and fighting for the same position. Then when we get the position, we strive at it. EK made things happen.

On if there is a difference in the linebacker room with Scott White:
Coach White is teaching us different things schematically and how to handle certain situations, but its pretty much the same concepts. Little tweaks here and there. Still playing hard, being LBU and be the best linebackers we can be.

On Tom Bradley:
That's my boy. Coach Bradley is cool. I like his accent and he's a funny dude. I like the plays he's bringing in. He sits in the linebacker room. He helped me with my linebacker stance. He's a cool coach, I like how he teaches. One of his quotes is 'take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.' He wants us to pay attention the small details.

On the linebacker chemistry with Kendricks gone:
We're still a close group. Most of the group is juniors and young guys. We have a couple of seniors, but we're a close group, like a family, stay together. We have chemistry, like brothers.

On if Myles Jack has taken more leadership:
Myles is doing what he does, being a baller. We try to all become leaders ourselves, one will pick each other up. We're all leaders amongst our group.

On who talks the most of the linebackers:
Kenny Young talks a lot. I talk a lot. Its just talk.

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