Ball Talks UCLA

Apr. 14 -- 2016 point guard Lonzo Ball talks about his comfort with his commitment to UCLA...

Another AAU season is kicking off for 2016 point guard Lonzo Ball, but where many 2016 prospects will be using this time to get noticed a little more on the national stage, Ball, who committed to UCLA last year, is basically done with the recruiting process.

"I think I'm going to sign in November," Ball said. "Basically every other school has died off, they know how committed I am to UCLA."

Ball says he's built an even better relationship with the UCLA coaching staff over the last year. UCLA assistant coach Ed Schilling was in attendance for Ball's games this past weekend.

"It feels great to know the coaching staff is still watching me," Ball said. "I talk to them pretty much every day. They keep in touch, we have a great relationship, so everything is good."

Ball has grown a good bit in the last year, looking at least an inch taller than this time last spring. He lists that he's 6'6 and 180 pounds now, but he said he still plans to play point guard in college. He said it was pretty clear to him that he's going to have to, at any rate.

"I could tell UCLA needed a point guard this year," Ball said. "I watched them any time I could, basically. It was an up and down season obviously, but they made the Tournament and got farther than people expected, so that was good."

Ball plays a pretty interesting style of basketball in AAU, with most games involving a full-court outlet pass every other play or so, so it's difficult to assess what he'll look like in a half-court offense. As it stands, when asked how he thinks he could fit into the UCLA offense, Ball said he hoped the offense would stay up tempo.

As for future plans, Ball is pretty firmly in the camp of players who see college as mostly a way-station to the pros.

"Hopefully, I'll go one-and-done," Ball said. "That's the goal."

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