Could Jones Leave The State?

Apr. 14 -- For most of the last year, everyone thought LB Poly (Calif.) athlete Jack Jones was locked up for one of the two local schools but he's now singing a different tune...

You can make a strong argument that there hasn't been a better player out West this spring than Jack Jones. He was hands down the MVP of the day at The Opening regional camp in L.A playing corner and has been dominant at receiver as well.

There was never a doubt Jones was already a big time player but he has taken his game to another level. He was always quick but looks much faster than a year ago and is now running away from people. That's even more impressive when you consider he has added about an inch and 10 pounds to his frame and is noticeably bigger and more filled out as well.

He has unbelievable short area quickness, which is why he has been so good at corner and few players compete at a higher level than he does. Jones has an edge to him and is an in your face corner who just isn't much fun to go up against.

For the last year, USC was the heavy leader and there didn't even appear to be a close second. Then around the time of The Opening regional camp, Jones shocked a lot of people saying UCLA was his new leader and USC wasn't even in his top five any more.

He recently backed off naming a top five and when we talked to him over the weekend at the IMG 7v7 tourney, he's now saying something completely different in terms of a potential landing spot for college.

"I want to leave the state to play college ball," Jones said over the weekend. "I've lived here my whole life so I kind of want to leave the area to experience something new. I'm looking at all the out of state schools that have offered me, plus Oregon, who hasn't offered yet but they're talking to me.

"I'm going to visit Miami next week when we (B2G) go out there for a tournament and I'm hoping to visit Notre Dame in a few weeks as well when our team is going for a tourney in Chicago. Miami hasn't offered but that would be big. Notre Dame has offered and I have a lot of interest. Like I said, I have interest in all the schools that have offered me but right now, I want to leave home."

Arizona was the latest school to offer Jones, who also has offers from most of the Pac-12 in addition to schools like Boise State, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

"I'm in no hurry to narrow things down since I won't be deciding until Signing Day," Jones said. "My plan is to take all my visits during the season or after it and then take as much time as I can to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

"I've been to UCLA and loved it there and was at USC last week and that was an awesome experience. I talked to every coach on the staff including coach Sark and spent a lot of time with Coach Heyward and Coach Nansen. It was great to see Juju (Smith) doing his thing. I always thought he would end up at safety but he's balling at receiver right now. Honestly though, I'm not focusing on recruiting, I'm just working hard and trying to get better."

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