VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense, Quarterbacks

Apr. 15 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about how advanced freshman quarterback Josh Rosen is, using fullback Nate Iese and more...

On the offensive development this spring:
I like the whole group of quarterbacks are playing, that's really a positive. They're competing against each other, because we hadn't really had that the last couple of years, we knew what we had. So every day, they're coming after it. The O-Line is really coming together, we still have some work with the younger kids. We have some nicks and bruises in the receiver corps.

On if the quarterback rotation is working out:
Oh yeah, no doubt about it. Nobody ever feels left out. They can watch a guy do it and go out and prove they're better the next day. Its always too hard to rep two quarterbacks, but to rep four, its not enough. We may end up doing this all the way through. We may rotate quarterbacks like we do receivers.

On Josh Rosen:
First of all, Coach Johnson and what they did at St. John Bosco, they did a great job with him there, and a lot of carryover from high school. It's not something brand new to him, and he's done some of that before. He's a big picture guy. He's got the wide vision and ability to go zoom vision.

On if he's surprised that Rosen has done this well:
Mentally, he's a lot older than I am. He's a smart guy and a sharp kid. And he has Neu and Asiantii and Mike that he's in the room with and they're all sharp kids. They've done a great job. Its a neat deal.

On where he's at compared to other freshman quarterbacks he's coached:
He's got a good solid base to work off of and he's not starting from square one.

On injured players:
Mossi slightly, but he'll be back.

On Nathan Starks:
A different guy. I'm excited about him. Him and Paul back there really give us some depth back there and physicalness. I'm happy with where Starks has picked up the offense and no mental mistakes. Coach Sal, he's the man.

On how he complements Paul Perkins:
They're both good. Those are the skillsets I like.

On Nate Iese:
I think his volume in the offense will go up. KP has done a great job with him. You watch out practices, he's in there a lot. We can move him around in different spots.

On Chris Clark:
Jump in there and compete with the rest of guys. One place we lack is big athletes. We have long athletic receivers, but not big tight end looking guys.

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