VIDEO: Yarber on Receivers

Apr. 16 -- Wide receivers coach Eric Yarber talks about the development of the receivers this spring...

On his positional group is doing:
Outside receivers, Jordan Payton is Mr. Reliable. Sometimes you take it for granted because he does everything well; blocks well, catches well, runs great routes, and just like the mailman, he delivers rain, sleet or snow. Logan Sweet has been playing well and made some bigtime plays out there. Alex Van Dyke has really transitioned well and taken a big step in receiver play. And Jordan Lasley is doing well and taken a big step, being coachable. We harped on him, be coachable and he's taken the coaching. And Kenny Walker is doing a very good job. He's made a conscious effort to improve his route running and catching the ball. Inside receivers, Devin Fuller is having a heck of a spring and Thomas Duarte, much like Payton, he's solid and reliable. His blocking has picked up and gotten better. Aaron Sharp, he was a quarterback and he's going to be a real good player. He has good speed and good hands. He's got a good lower body. Mossi, until he got hurt was having probably one of the best camps out here. Eldridge, I haven't seen enough of him, he's been over with Sal Alosi too much. Before he went down, he was having a good camp. I'm fortunate I have a veteran group. They're doing a pretty good job.

On Alex Van Dyke:
Believe it or not, he has good speed. Even though he's a long strider, he has real good speed. He's done a good job of getting better. Before I used to call him Bambi, like a Bambi deer, but now he's a full grown deer. He's done a great job of improving on his change of direction.

On Aaron Sharp's biggest learning curve:
How fast things move every possession. Everything is paralysis by analysis right now, he's thinking all the time. I can't see his 21.2 speed because he's thinking all the time. Quarterback, you see this way, but now receiver, you have to see everything, and he's thinking out there too much. But every receiver is like that.

On if Sharp had similarities to Darius Bell and Devin Fuller when making the switch:
Yeah, one thing about it, all those guys had good lower trunks, so they could drop their weight and separate well. Devin Fuller could drop and separate. It won't be a deep learning curve.

On if its his deepest group:
Its probably the deepest group I've had since I've been here and probably my deepest group of receivers I've had in my career in college.

On what he said to Jordan Lasley:
Some of that stuff I can't repeat on camera, but the message was 'you're going to be one of the better players out here and if you're fighting all the time, you're not going to be on the field contributing to the team, you're going to be right next to me. So if you want to be next to me, continue to fight. If you want to play, continue to make plays on the field. So far he's bought in to that. Its been five practices, no fights. Its like those AA meetings, one at a time.

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