VIDEO: Jack on Spring So Far

Apr. 15 -- Junior linebacker Myles Jack talks about the transition inside and matchups with Mossi...

Myles Jack:

On the transition in side:
Its been a smooth transition, just being more vocal, getting guys in line, I'm learning to be in the right spot at the right time. I did it last year, playing nickel, but its kind of my full time role now, so I have to embrace it. I'm more involved in the run game. I'm enjoying it, it's for me. I'm closer to the ball, I'm pretty much around it all the time. I'm excited for the transition.

On the defensive coordinator transition:
Its definitely smooth. It's pretty much the same. Just different language and terminology and he's bringing his philosophy. That's what spring is for, to experiment with different things. Its something we'll have to mesh. That's pretty much where we're at.

On his impressions of Tom Bradley so far:
He's a pretty cool guy. He knows his football. Very smart. He has a lot of talks with me, making sure I'm on my stuff. He sees a lot of potential in me, which means a lot from a guy of his resume.

On if he's compared him to Lavar Arrington at all:
No, he has not done that and I hope he does not. Lavar Arrington is a whole other player. I don't even consider myself in that stratosphere. He's talked about Lavar and what kind of competitor he is and hopefully I can transition in to a player like that.

On if he had to do anything physically to play MLB:
Not really. I had to get bigger, for sure, to deal with the linemen every day, since they hold all of the time. Do I look bigger? That's cool. I've been working hard.

On if his (ripped) jersey was new before camp:
Yeah, it was brand new. And the linemen say they don't hold, but the proof is in the pudding. This was brand new. All of this is still new, just nice little rips. I don't know what it is, they said they're not holding.

On Mossi Johnson:
Since that day, he has not caught a ball on me. We keep a tally score in the locker room, right next to his locker, I'm up 10-3. We go on a drop/catch basis. You catch it, you win, even if you beat me and drop it, that's a win for me. You may have to talk with him, but I agree with it to the fullest. That day you saw me was a rough one for me. He got the better of me but I took it personally and I've been winning.

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