VIDEO: Payton on Competition, Rosen

Apr. 15 -- Senior receiver Jordan Payton talked about how freshman QB Josh Rosen has looked in spring so far, and the competition among the younger receivers...

Jordan Payton talked to Danielle Alvari in one video interview, and to reporters in the media scrum in a second interview Wednesday.

On the quarterbacks:
I love them all. I really do. They all have some great attributes to them. Its fun for me. Finally instead of me competing out here, I get to watch a competition I haven't seen yet. its interesting and fun and every day is a new day. Its fun to help build with them. We all had the luxury to be around Brett for three years, but its fun to rebuild and have a group of good young guys.

On if its hard with the new quarterbacks:
Im older and I've been with them for a while. Josh is the only one. It might be hard but as long as you build chemistry with each other, it should be a good transition.

On if he's surprised by Josh Rosen:
Its impressive. Its very impressive how fast he's developed, two, three weeks in. I guess that's why he was rated high, because he can do things like that.

On if he spent time with him:
Yeah, like all the quarterbacks. He came in early so he had the luxury of spending time with us.

On how much better the receivers can be this year:
We have a lot of talent. I think we have an across the board, talent all over. I think obviously we're a premier group, it will just take us to go out there. They have great potential. Jordan, all the young guys, they have something that they do very well. Its exciting for me to be the older guy. I can come back and know they'll be in the right hands. Its up to me now to do what they're supposed to do.

On if he's noticed Rosen being more advanced:
He's definitely advanced mentally. I have to agree with our offensive coordinator. He knows more stuff than a normal HS quarterback would know. Its exciting to be around a guy who picks it up that fast.

On if Rosen has a good understanding:
Yeah, most definitely. He picked up the reins pretty fast and just ran with it. He understands how to run the offense and the philosophy behind it. Its exciting to see the future of the program and to see these young guys together. It will be a great decade from now, with Lasley and Van Dyke and see how they'll do.

On Aaron Sharp:
He's doing a great job. He looks natural. We love him in the room and he has some skill sets. Its been great to have him in the room and I'm excited to see his potential at receiver.

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