VIDEO: Bradley on Defensive Installation

Apr. 16 -- Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about how far along they are in building the defense...

On the 1on1 meetings:
I started yesterday with the 1on1 meetings. We'll keep continuing that today and tomorrow. Different guys I want to talk to, a lot of different things. I want to get feedback from them. Not only the older guys but the younger guys too. Keep everyone on the same page, we'll be better. Remember, as coaches we do football all day, they don't, they go to class, they have other issues and things going on. Things we find easy, the younger guys may not. We have some guys here that could still be in high school. The one kid just went to his prom last week. Things like that you have you remember.

On what he does to help them acclimate:
When you try to build a base with them, the only friends they have is locker room friends. They haven't had a chance to get acclimated to college so we try to get them familiar with their team. The team has cliques and they have their guys.

On defensive installation:
Keep installing just to take a look at things. We have too much defense, we know that. Once we have spring done, we'll go and look back. There is always something that overloads the player. We want to expose them to different things.

On if spring is for experimenting:
We do. We're doing a lot of different things than times in the past. We would line up and play 2-3 looks. We want them to get exposed to a few different things.

On if he watched film of the defensive players before spring practice:
I did. I didn't want preconceived notions. I'm not going to tell you who, I want to keep them humbled. We have some guys on defense that are going to be good players and some that have work to do.

On Myles Jack:
We're asking Myles to do a lot of things. And it will be a learning experience for him. He's versatile enough that we can move him out and use his skills.

On if he focused on scheme or players:
Just players. Watch them do different things, see what we could do. When you put a defense together there are usually 7-8 things a player likes to do, we have to figure out what those are so we're on the same page. You figure that out and you can only go as fast as your slowest learner and you play the What If game. I always look at worst case scenario and go from there.

On balancing Myles Jack's versatility:
His skill set, we'll use it, but his skill set might be different from the guy behind him so we have to put that in.

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