VIDEO: Iese on Expanding Role

Apr. 16 -- Fullback Nate Iese talks about how his role has expanded this spring, and his hopes for the season...

Nate Iese:

On the spring so far:
Its going great, just coming out every day and competing. The running back unit is looking nice. Nate Starks and Craig Lee are looking good. In the room we're working really hard, working on protections and routes and trying to benefit and learn from what we did last year.

On his first year at fullback:
I think it went great. It was a little fresh for me. A different position than I was used to playing. But I felt more natural at it and Coach KP knew that so he decided to expand my role. I think we'll be expanding that role more and I'm exciting more opportunity to get the ball. They've been putting me in a lot more and I'm getting a lot more looks. I'm a mismatch and I think they took that in.

On the quarterbacks:
I can't really tell, I just look for the ball in the air and go get it. But they're all competing and doing their best to deliver the ball. I'm excited about the quarterback position.

On how much he worked on catching the ball:
Every day. Even in the meeting room. We'll take reps out here but then review in the film room. We work on it every day. Working on our blocking. Just repetition.

On tight end reps:
It's pretty much fullback, tight end and sometimes even in the slot if they see a mismatch. Our offense likes tempo and to move fast. I'm fine with it.

On if the coaches told him to model his game after anyone:
From time to time we'll watch NFL film with Coach Polamalu and he'll tell us to watch technique, not really base your game after them, mostly technique with how he uses his footwork. We watch a lot of film and try to base our techniques off pros. Its very helpful. A lot of players trying to get to the next level.

On which pros he's used as examples:
Thomas from the Broncos, I actually play his position pretty much. A lot of footwork, getting them in there. He runs a lot of routes, ways to beat coverage and disguise things.

On his weight:

On if his development would have been different if he stayed at one position:
I'm just trying to push forward and expand my role and maximize me abilities. I'm up for anything. Anything that gets me on the field, I'm for. No quarterback for me.

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