Kelly Goes In-Depth On Top Ten

Apr. 17 -- The Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West five-star outside linebacker, Caleb Kelly, the West's No. 1 prospect in 2016, breaks down his top ten schools, talking in-depth about UCLA...

P>Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West five-star linebacker Caleb Kelly (6-3, 215), the West’s No. 1 prospect in the 2016 class, named a new top ten over the weekend.

The nation’s top outside linebacker broke down the ten schools on his list, which was Alabama, California, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA and USC.

Alabama: “They are the powerhouse school. They own the SEC. That school, if you get the Alabama offer, that means you’re the real deal, I don’t know why you wouldn’t check them out. Coach Tosh Lupoi is recruiting me. I’m going there on July 13. I might be doing the camp, but I know I’m going there so I might just tour the school on the unofficial.”

California: “Their academics, they’re real cool how they set it up. You can basically create the major you want for yourself. My mom liked that and I did too, and I could do whatever I want, I could make my major. And then Cal, they kept on me and kept on recruiting me, even when they didn’t make my top ten at first. They just kept on being persistent with me. It’s in California and my mom would love for me to stay in California. Sonny Dykes and Fred Tate, the defensive line coach, are the ones recruiting me.”

Florida State: “They won the national championship two years ago, and that was a school I thought was real cool and I want to go check them out. I know Malik Henry is going there. He told me I could be the defensive leader and he’ll be the offensive leader. It’s a school I want to look at it and I see why everyone likes them. I know I’ll be visiting officially. Coach (Tim) Brewster is recruiting me.”

LSU: “LSU is another of the big name schools. They’re an SEC power and I think maybe I’ll take an official there. They’re a big powerhouse and you see that, that’s a big name and when they offered me, it showed me they thought I’m the real deal. The guys they’ve had come from there, like Tyrann Mathieu, he’s crazy and has that killer mentality on the football field and that’s how the guys from Fresno are like. Coach (Ed) Orgeron is who’s recruiting me.”

Michigan: “I just took a visit there and I liked it, it was cool. All the coaches are so laid back and then you see them on the field, and they’re so crazy. They have a good game face and handle business but they’re real cool. I spent a lot of time with them, four days total, so I got to know them well. They’re cool dudes, like having NFL coaches in college. They know how to get players there. Coach (Jim) Harbaugh and Coach (D.J.) Durkin are recruiting me. Coach Harbaugh is recruiting me himself and that’s a big one.”

Notre Dame: “That’s a good connection there and I have to go check it out. I think I’d fit there. I’m going out there on June 19th, and that’s going to be good. Even Michiah Quick told me about it and said I have to visit. They love their football players and he said it’s real cool out there. Hopefully I could go out there for a visit. Coach (Matt) LaFleur was recruiting me but now it’s Coach (Mike) Sanford recruiting me.”

Oklahoma: “I just came back from my second visit there. Obviously at that school, there are a lot of Fresno kids there, so I’d have big brothers taking care of me. When I was there, I talked with Quick and Hatari Byrd and Joe Mixon and they said the players will take care of me. Those coaches are real with you. And they need linebackers bad. It’s a place I could go to and get there early and be on track to play right away. Coach (Tim) Kish hits me up and then Mike and Bob Stoops are recruiting me hard, and then Courtney Viney (a grad assistant from Fresno). But Quick is definitely recruiting me the hardest.”

Oregon: “They were almost the national champs and they’re the powerhouse team out West and the speed team. I know if you have that Oregon offer, you have to check them out. I’m pretty sure then I’ll be able to go there soon and I think I’ll go on a visit there soon unofficially. That’s just a school that kids dream about. Coach (Erik) Chinander and Coach (Ron) Aiken are recruiting me for Oregon.

UCLA: “UCLA is a bigtime L.A. school. They are always hitting me up and they want me to go there bad. They have no SAM backers so they really want me to go play SAM. Coach (Scott) White said I could play early. Coach White hits me every day and it’s a good situation there. I’ve been down there three times and I love the campus. It’s like a movie set to me. Coach (Jim) Mora, he is cool and he’s a funny guy. And Lokeni (Toailoa) will not stop recruiting me. I know Erik Kendricks and talked with him after the USC game and he’s a great player from Fresno who won the Butkus Award. I know I’ll visit them again soon. Their fans are always great and crazy too.”

USC: “They just never gave up on recruiting me. Like I said with Cal, they kept on hitting me up. Coach (Peter) Sirmon is recruiting me there, and when I took them out of the top ten, he never stopped recruiting me. There is so much tradition there that players are drawn to it. The campus is big and cool and their fans are crazy on Twitter. I know I’ll visit them again soon.

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Florida also offered Kelly last weekend and Kelly could end up getting out there at some point.

“I think my coach is trying to set up a visit out there,” said Kelly. “There are a lot of great players that have come from there. Even Coach Durkin said that ‘you have to see the Swamp’.”

Kelly won’t make an announcement until Signing Day.

“I’m definitely going to take all five visits,” said Kelly. “I know for sure I’ll visit Florida State, Oklahoma and Michigan.”

Next month, Kelly will be at The Opening Oakland Regional and will be playing at the UCLA and USC 7v7 with DB Guru.

Academically, Kelly has a 3.4 and will take the ACT and SAT this spring.

Kelly will play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in January.

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