Jamabo Situation -- Talk About it on BRO

Apr. 19 -- One of UCLA's prized recruits of the 2015 class, Soso Jamabo, was arrested in Texas for "evading arrest with a motor vehicle." At this point, it's tough to know how it will affect his status with UCLA, but the BROs on the message board are talking about it ad infinitum...

Sotonye Jamabo, the nation's #1-ranked running back from Plano (Tex.) West, was arrested Saturday for "evading arrest with a motor vehicle."

The details of the arrest can be found here: Jamabo Arrested

The BRO Premium Football Message Board has been ablaze with discussion about Jamabo's arrest, contemplating how it affects his status with UCLA.

Some interesting threads:

Trust me on this one, everybody, Soso will be fine

Soso is not a student at UCLA yet

Soso Research: No Felony Charges

I don't like Soso's chances of playing here

Assuming Soso survives this and is allowed to enroll

And there is much more on the BRO Premium Football Message Board

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