Evaluations and Updates from BBT 7-on-7

Apr. 20 -- We got another look at Trevon Sidney as well as a few quarterback options in the 2016 class...

We were out in Pomona today for the Body By Tra 7-on-7 at Pomona High School, and plenty of UCLA recruits were in attendance, including many of the potential quarterback options in the 2016 class.

2016 QB Armani Rogers -- Rogers was our No. 1 priority on the day, given his recent interest in UCLA (he visited campus on Thursday). Physically, he looks every inch of 6'5, and is well-built, looking like he's probably north of 210 pounds as is. He has a big arm, and can throw rockets, especially on intermediate throws. His motion is a little inconsistent, and on deeper throws, his motion lengthens quite a bit, turning into almost a whipping motion. His decision-making was pretty average. Every fourth or fifth throw, he'd throw into coverage or have a pretty inexplicable pick. We talked to him after his first game, and he said that he's still 100% committed to California, and in talking to some people around him at the event, that sentiment held up. UCLA might very well have a shot here, but it doesn't seem by any means that it's a foregone conclusion that he'll end up a Bruin.

2016 QB Max Gilliam -- Gilliam, the other California-committed quarterback, was also in attendance. He looks to be about 6'1 or 6'2, and, while it wasn't on display in a 7-on-7 environment, has very good speed, clocking about a 4.6 40 at a recent event. Everything looks good with him from a technical perspective -- he uses his feet well, he can throw on the run, his motion looks good -- but he, too, made some poor decisions in the game we saw, throwing a couple of balls into coverage. He was also a little slow in his decision-making, hitting primary options late because he was just slow to recognize they were open. Again, in talking to him, we got the impression he's pretty solid to Cal. He said he talked with Taylor Mazzone, who said he'll come watch him at some point during Gilliam's spring practice, but didn't have much more to say about UCLA.

2016 QB Kevin Davidson -- We only got to watch a little bit of Davidson, but our evaluation seemed to hold up. He has a strong arm, but decision-making, accuracy, and overall athleticism are question marks. In speaking with him, we got the impression that he'd be interested in UCLA if the Bruins showed some real interest over the coming months. At this point, though, we'd have to imagine there'll be options higher on the board for UCLA.

2016 WR Trevon Sidney -- Sidney has impressed us at basically every event this spring, and he looked very good again on Sunday. His body control, coordination, and hands are all excellent, to the point where they make up for his lack of great deep speed. He spent the few minutes before his first game of the day catching balls one-handed in the corner of the end zone, and normally we'd think that was a sign of a player trying to show off, but this was one of the most impressive things we've seen on the 7-on-7 circuit this year. He's not a big dude, and doesn't have enormous hands, but he was catching balls thrown with good velocity one-handed with either hand. We don't really have a test to measure it, but I'd probably guess that the small muscles in Sidney's hands are among the strongest in the class. His route-running and technical skills as a receiver are all excellent. He told us after his first game that USC is probably in the lead for him right now, but UCLA is still right there as well, with Eric Yarber coming after him hard, as well as Demetrice Martin. For the sartorialists out there, he was wearing UCLA gloves and a USC visor.

2017 CB Keith Taylor -- Taylor looks all of 6'3 right now, though he's saying he's still 6'2, and is getting pretty big. He looked to be an easy 190 pounds or so right now, and maybe even bigger. As he's still a rising junior, it's an open question whether he grows out of the cornerback position. Personally, we'd love to see him get a look on the offensive side of the ball, because if you project him getting a little bigger, he could be 6'4 and 210 pounds, and he's pretty athletically gifted, with good leaping ability and excellent quickness for his size. We just haven't seen him catch, and we've heard that's a big part of being a receiver. In any case, he's a big-time athlete, and should get plenty of offers down the road. UCLA and USC are the two schools talking to him right now, and he said he grew up a UCLA guy, and he's most interested in the Bruins as of right now. He'll be at the Elite Camp in June.

2016 WR Dezmon Patmon -- Patmon actually stood out to us initially on Sunday because he was standing next to Rogers and looked to be just about as big. He is probably right there with Rogers at 6'5, and only a little skinnier, maybe 200+ to Rogers' 210+. He runs pretty well for a big guy, and the two had a connection during their games, with Patmon catching a couple of deep balls from Rogers. His hands weren't great, as he had a couple of drops in the two games we saw, but he has a great frame for a big receiver. He has an offer from Washington State right now, but it'll be interesting to see if he's one who starts to get more attention as the cycle goes on and more receivers come off the board.

We also spoke to Darnay Holmes, the 2017 five-star DB, and we'll have a full interview up with him later this week. He said he really enjoyed his visit to UCLA yesterday, and he's developed a great relationship with Demetrice Martin, and said it was really impressive to watch him coach the defensive backs on Saturday. He says right now that the two schools he knows will be in his top five when the time comes are UCLA and Stanford, so the Bruins have to feel good about where they stand.

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