VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Apr. 20 -- Coach Jim Mora talked Monday about how the team got through a lull to have a "fantastic" practice, and the NFL-level quality...

Opening statement:
It was a good practice. I'll tell you what I liked about it. This was the first practice of the 12 that we've had where I felt like there was a lull. I've felt like every practice there was a consistent energy, but I felt like there was a lull. What impressed me was when I pointed it out to them, they picked it up. To me, thats the sign of maturity and focus and mental toughness. Thats what we're looking for. The great teams that I've been around have had that mechanism, where players take it upon themselves to make it right when its wrong. Even though you'd never like a lull. It was a fantastic practice.

On if that's the leadership stepping up:
I think its maturity, certain individuals deciding it's not right, guys like Jake Brendel and Kenny Young and Kenny Clark and Fabian and Randall. I think its experience in our system and understanding what its supposed to be like. And I think its a drive to be great. If you let it linger. It was three minutes and then it was over. To me, those are positive signs.

On what made it fantastic:
The energy, the competiiton. When we did third down, the red zone, it was competitive as all get out. The energy and emotion and physicality they played with without blowing up on each other, thats the sign of a mature team. If we can keep practicing that way, we'll be a good team.

On if the defense being ahead shows their ability:
I hope so. Two Saturday's ago, when we had the 90 plays live, the defense got dragged around the field pretty good. And since that day, I've sensed a change in the way they play. I think a lot of it has to do with them understanding what the expectations are. We've kept a lot of the base defense. When you understand and are confident, you can play fast. Saturday, I thought they looked pretty darn dominant and today they looked dominant, and that was against a good offense. I like the competition. A great competitive practice, its fun to watch.

On Devin Fuller working at outside receiver:
Its adding. It could become a switch. He goes inside some. Mossi goes inside, Darren looked good today. Devin can do some things. He will work out there some. Aaron Sharp is making huge strides inside. This is a good group of receivers. Alex Van Dyke been out for a couple days, you get him back, this is a good looking group.

On Soso Jamabo:
At this time, I can't expand further on the comment we already made. It wouldn't be fair. I don't know enough.

On this spring compared to previous springs:
Its different. The energy is different. I feel like they know the expectation. Until today, we hadn't had a lull in any practice. They're pushing each other. There are very few players on the ground, but we practice really fast, which is a sign of athleticism and playing physical and fast but taking care of each other. It feels more professional to me, the way NFL teams practice. The way it has all my life. I think its fantastic. I love the way we've practiced all spring. Understanding the expectations, understanding how we're going to do things. The guys this is our fourth spring together. A handful left, but the rest grew up in this system. Its been good.

On Matt Dickerson:
He and Jacob made big strides. Physically, the way they play the game. We're developing depth there. That's a concern. Takk has done a nice job, Ainuu has done a nice job, Carl Hulick has done a nice job. The guy who's been a surprise is Najee. He still has to play with a lower pad level. He is violent and when he gets his pads down, he has the tools to be a good defensive lineman.

On a pecking order for the quarterbacks:
No. He's fine.

On Myles Jack returning kicks:
I didn't know he was doing that. If he's doing that, he's just messing around. Myles has to be moving. If there is a drill he's not involved with, he goes and gets involved. I didn't know he's taking reps. He's not on the depth there. He just loves to practice.

On if he has a depth chart:

No. Did I say that?

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