VIDEO: Adams on Spring Performance

Apr. 22 -- Cornerback Ishmael Adams talks about the secondary's growth so far this spring...

We spoke with Ishmael Adams one-on-one and in the media scrum:

On causing problems with the receivers:
I try to every day. Its competition out there. I try to win every day. Its my job to put as much pressure on our offense as much as possible.

On which young receivers have caught his eye:
Mossi Johnson and Eldridge Massington, a strong receiver we love to have. Mossi being healthy. Those are two great receivers.

On if its the deepest the defensive backs have been:
For right now and will get even deeper when the freshman come along. We see a lot of potential with Nate Meadors.

On what he worked on this offseason:
A lot of things. My biggest thing is making tackles. Coverage wise, consistency, speed at the top of the routes and my hips. Being able to flip my hips.

On tackling:
I think its more footwork and getting my feet under myself. Bringing my body with my feet.

On his vertical jumping:
I'm always working on my vertical. That's one of the things with my height disadvantage. I'm always working on my vertical and my footspeed.

On balancing working as a DB with returner:
You can always work with the kickers when they are on the field. Working on catching the ball. Vision is something natural they say I have.

On Myles Jack returning kicks:
He's a great athlete, he can do anything. If you put him at offensive tackle, he could do that. Honestly, you tell him where to go and he'll do it.

On how good the defense can be:
We can be very good. You never know until the season comes around. We should be making plays.

On if the defensive backs are close:
Very close. Especially having four seniors in our nickel group, me Fabian, Randall, Marcus Rios and adding in Jaleel Wadood, he's such a fast and quick learner and he brings excitement to the game. Then you also have depth. Pickett, Tahaan Goodman, and we can keep going. Johnny Johnson has gotten back and looking great, and Nate Meadors is coming in. Priest Willis, we're all good friends off the field.

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