VIDEO: Payton on WR Development

Apr. 21 -- Veteran receiver Jordan Payton talks about it being the best spring practice of his career, and the development of the younger receivers...

Jordan Payton talked Monday after practice.

On how this spring compares to previous springs:
I think this is the best one yet. Altogether, not just from my standpoint, but overall as the team. We're cohesive and everyone is flowing and the offense is in rhythm. Overall, the defense looks phenomenal. Its been a great spring so far.

On why he thinks that is:
Its a veteran team. When you have a lot of veterans returning, the whole offense besides quarterback and two players leaving on defense. We have so many veterans and we know what to do. I've had a great time. I'm excited.

On the DB's difference:
They've picked it up. Not saying they've slacked, they've been a great crew, but they've gotten better and continue to work everyday. Marcus Rios looks phenomenal. I'm so proud of him. Overall, the group looks solid. I'm excited for them.

On if they had goals:
I wouldn't say we had specific goals. Our goal is to continue to develop the young guys. We set goals every day. TOday we reached them. Some drops all around. We had a lull Saturday but picked it up today. Every day, we have a goal to come out with intensity. Every day, we have a goal of what we generally do.

On if Coach Yarber has changed since his freshman year:
No, not one bit. He coaches everyone and coaches everyone the same and we love him for that. He's a phenomenal coach and changed me and made me who I am. I'm proud to be taught by him. He hasn't changed and he'll never change and we'll keep producing.

On the younger players developing:
Lasley has made a huge jump. And Alex before he went out, he looked phenomenal. He's one with his body. Jordan has picked it up from the first day, and he's not fighting anymore. I tell him everyday, he's an extraordinary talent. Its amazing and truly great to see him grow up.

On if he has experience in growing up:
I was kind of the same way, out here yelling and screaming. You guys can see some of it some times. It was easy for me because I know exactly what he was thinking. You want to do things right it frustrates you. So I tell him to be patient.

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