Photo Gallery: More Spring Practice

Apr. 21 -- Check out more excellent photos from BRO photographer Steve Cheng...

All photos courtesy of Steve Cheng.

Aesthetically, this is one of my favorite galleries of Spring.  You can view the rest of the gallery on my Flickr or Facebook pages.  I hope you enjoy.

Perkins, McDermott, Hollins
Paul Perkins.  The afternoon heat bounced off the turf creating a beautiful mirage-like effect.
Paul Perkins, Ishmael Adams, Deon Hollins
Paul Perkins' running style is unmistakable

Nate Starks with Conor McDermott blocking Isaako Savaiinaea
Nate Starks
Eddie Vanderdoes
Deon Hollins
Cameron Judge throws down Craig Lee with Adarius Pickett #6 and Aaron Wallace #51
Jordan Lasley vs John Johnson
Jaleel Wadood
Craig Lee
Brad Sochowski
Craig Lee, Nate Iese, Ro Davis,  Paul Perkins, Nate Starks
Thomas Duarte
Alex VanDyke.  I would like to see more contested jump ball and fade route drills in the end zone.

Paul Perkins
Jaleel Wadood and Tyler Scott
Adarius Pickett picks off a pass intended for Aaron Sharp
Another epic Myles vs Mossi duel
The athleticism of Myles Jack and Mossi Johnson makes this an awesome match-up.
Myles Jack won this battle...
Alex VanDyke vs Marcus Rios
Tyler Scott with Dwight Williams chasing
Charles Dawson, Brad Sochowski
Mossi Johnson, Nathan Meadors
Meadors breaks up the pass
Jaleel Wadood breaks up the pass intended for Aaron Sharp
Devin Fuller beats Myles Jack
Mossi Johnson over Justin Combs
It appears that Johnson makes the catch
But Combs sticks with the play and strips the ball out of Johnson's hands
Jordan Lasley
Jordan Payton vs Ishmael Adams
Rare Payton drop
Ishmael Adams intercepts a pass intended for Logan Sweet
Paul Perkins, all smiles as he's having a great spring
Perkins is chased by DB coach Demetrice Martin
Paul Perkins and DB coach Demetrice Martin
Fabian Moreau and Logan Sweet
Ishmael Adams upends Tyler Scott
Marcus Rios
Logan Sweet.  Many of you don't know what our walk-ons look like.  They work hard and compete just like the scholarship players, and don't be surprised when you see them on the field this season.
Jerry Neuheisel
Myles Jack goes after Alex Redmond
Aaron Sharp vs Kenny Young
Paul Perkins
Fabian Moreau vs Jordan Payton
Who is this awesome manager who raced in to steal the ball from Coach Mora?!
Alex Redmond, Asiantii Woulard, Jake Brendel
Eddie Vanderdoes beats Alex Redmond
Myles Jack and Jaleel Wadood
Kenny Lacy, Jaleel Wadood and Ishmael Adams
Nate Iese blocks Myles Jack
Jordan Payton vs Marcus Rios
Isaako Savaiinaea tackles Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis makes a goal line cut against Isaako Savaiinaea
One of the best moments of Spring ball, Ryan Davis carries defenders to the goal line.
A moment of triumph for Ryan Davis.
The brothers, Ro and Ry.
Jacob Tuioti-Mariner vs Poasi Moala
Jordan Lasley beats John Johnson in the endzone
Jordan Lasley adds on-field swagger and bravado that hasn't been seen since Freddie Mitchell
Lasley celebrates with Jerry Neuheisel
Intermission: team sprints
Kenny Young and Jake Brendel go at it, with Myles Jack acting as peacemaker.  Coach Mora races in.
Myles Jack, the Peacemaker???  Hell has frozen over...
Myles Jack's abs
LB Coach Scott White congratulates the defense as Ishmael Adams and Randall Goforth leap in celebration
Nate Iese and Ro Davis
Nate Iese

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