VIDEO: Bradley on Wednesday

Apr. 22 -- Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the pass rush and versatile players...

On Deon Hollins:
I really liked Deon and spending time with him, I've gotten to know him. He's got a great mind, a very cerebral player. I enjoy our conversations.

On the skill-sets of his pass rushers:
You have to remember, we're mixing and matching, but I think that is one, if you watch us, we'll be able to do. We have some players that can do it. As long as we mix it up. As long as we keep mixing it up, we'll be alright.

On if Hollins is the most effective pass-rusher:
Well, I think he has a great first step. Deon for us is a guy who's half a linebacker and half a defensive end. He has skill sets different from other linebackers. We'll ask him to do a lot of different things.

On the linebackers:
Linebacker play has changed so much because they're out in space now. They've become rushers and defenders, zone players, run stoppers. They have to be good enough to do it all. Offensive teams will come out with more personnel. One thing that you're looking for in a linebacker has changed.

On if that's true for defensive lineman:
I'd agree because what's happened now with defensive linemen, now they're actually reading and its more prevalant. Everyone's skill set has changed tremendously. You see in football a lot of copycats.

On Stanford doing that:
Stanford has it and a lot of people do. You see it and you have your unit ready for different styles of offenses.

On the biggest challenge of diverse looks:
I think its preparing yourself depending on what your offense does. We see it every day. In other places, we didn't have that offense and it was difficult to prepare against it. We have to be able to simulate those styles of offenses.

On developing pass-rush specialists in coverage:
Working on it and constantly working on it. A player wants to do what he's good at. We've done a lot of cross-training and guys playing different positions. The guys who are good pass rushers, we're working more on pass coverage.

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