VIDEO: Brendel on Spring

Apr. 23 -- Senior center Jake Brendel talks about his development this spring and NFL hopes...

We spoke with Jake Brendel one-on-one and in the media scrum:

On the offensive line gelling:
Just having the same five the whole spring has been nice. We haven't been playing musical chairs a lot. Being consistent in the lineup and the technique we have. We've made a lot of strides this spring.

On if he's had to be more vocal with the absence of Adrian Klemm:
I'm a little more vocal. There is a certain type of demeanor in the way Coach Klemm does things and I want to keep that up as much as possible. There is a mindset as an offensive lineman you have to, so I'm making sure everyone is locked in and on the same page.

On if he likes that role:
It's not a bad role. It gets me ready for the next level and is more experience for me.

On if it took the line a while to get adjusted without Klemm:
It wasn't that huge of a setback as you would expect. Football is football. Offensive line is offensive line. Its the same offense. We didn't switch up what we were doing, we just switched up who was saying good job or teaching us the technique. It wasn't as big of a setback.

On what he's worked on:
Strength. The past 3-4 months, I've been doing strength. I'm still pretty light for the next level. Really keeping up my feet and getting stronger.

On going against Clark/Vanderdoes:
It's fantastic. They are amazing players and they'll do well in the NFL and having them every day is nice.

On his weight:
I'm around 300. Last season, I was a little light and now I'm back where Im supposed to be and I'm trying to maintain that. You try and get big and be about 3-4 pounds heavier than fall camp, because you have extra for San Bernardino.

On coaching when he's done playing:
To be honest, I'm not sure yet. I'm studying economics here and I have a lot of great things I can do in the future. But everyone tells me I could be a good coach so I might believe it.

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