VIDEO: Rosen on the Transition

Apr. 23 -- Freshman quarterback Josh Rosen alked for the first time this spring, about coming in early, the transition, how he's doing in practice, the starting QB spot and more...

Josh Rosen talked to the media after practice Thursday.

On spring practice:
Its going pretty well. I've gotten some good work with some incredible talent and coached by phenomenal coaches. Its fun.

On the biggest challenge:
I'd say the biggest difference is the speed and everything moving. Coming from Bosco and the Trinity League, its made the transition easier. But getting everywhere on time is the challenge, and that's for college in general.

On being in college when he should still be in high school:
It was weird the first two weeks, but then you get acclimated. You try to figure out something to do and realize you're not with your friends. You find time and manage it. Time management, homework to film and meetings.

On if he expects to be the starter this season:
I don't know, we'll see. I'm just excited to be a part of UCLA football and anyone going up there deserves it because we're working our butts off and each and every day we're bringing as much competition as we can.

On if its difficult to manage expectations:
Not really because Coach Mora is phenomenal at ingraining in us to tune out the noise. EVerything that goes on about UCLA football, the only thing we care about is what happens within UCLA football and not really anything outside the walls of Spaulding Field or our meeting rooms.

On his comfort level now:
Each and every day we're working hard to get better. Brett had started for three years and he got better each day he stepped on the field.

On the similarities between UCLA and Bosco's offense:
Its helped a lot. I'm not sort of the anchor in the meeting. It helps everything go smoothly.

On coming in a quarter before spring ball:
It helped a ton. Being up at 5:30 am to lift, then training table, mentor classes.

On his major:
I've been bouncing around between majors. I think I'll decide on majoring in economics and minoring in cognitive science.

On if anyone on offense has helped bring him along:
Everyone in the room is phenomenaly helpful. Outside the field, there is no competition. From Mike to Jerry to Asiantii, they're helping me. We're all helping each other. Honestly, if whoever starts, we'll all be supremely confident, because if they won the job, they won it for a reason.

On the reps:
Yeah, it's been awesome. Our coaching staff is doing a phenomenal job. Everyone feels the utmost engaged. Able to critique themselves.

On what he wants to do between now and camp to be the starter:
Get better each and every day. One thing I've sort of learned in a life is control what you can control. I have to control what I can control and come out here and complete every pass and make the right read.

On his weight:
I weighed in last week at 211. I would love to hit by Virginia 220, but that might be optimistic. Coach Sal is phenomenal. The utmost trust in him.

On if he's talked with Brett Hundley:
There is a complete line of communication, through the recruiting process. He's just an incredible help for me. He has no obligation to come back, but he's here because he wants to. He's an incredible guy and helped a ton and I hope to follow in his footsteps.

On the biggest challenge off the field:
For me, because I'm trying to put on weight, finding chunks of windows to eat. Trying to get 4-5 meals to eat. You have to lift, then training table, you try to balance those out. Its kind of tough. A lot of the little nuiasances. The first couple days I was late for class, because you don't know how far everything is. A lot of little college things you don't realize. I'm enjoying everything and these guys are treating me like family and not that pesky little freshman. They're welcoming me with open arms.

On if the coaches have changed since he's been on campus:
Not at all. I was expecting to be yelled at a lot more. Everything has worked out. You've been to my Bosco practice, I was yelled at for every single thing. Coach Mora will fight for every single individual, every last guy on this team. Coach Big Mazzone and Coach Little Mazzone are as good as advertised.

On calling the Mazzone's Big and Little:
I don't know, I went Noel and Coach T. Still trying to figure that out.

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