VIDEO: Roth on UCLA Job

Apr. 24 -- Veteran broadcaster Bill Roth talks about what went into the decision to take the UCLA job...

On coming to UCLA:
I thought it was one of the most iconic places in all of college sports and I told Dan that it's like the conductor of the Boston Pops. Its a privilege to hold that baton and it's a privilige to hold the microphone in Westwood.

On when he knew it would be a possibility:
I listened to every UCLA basketball game this year just in case. I'm one of those basketball junkies who would stay up late to watch anyway. I watched the Bruins with added importance this spring, was proud when they got in and to their run to the Sweet 16.

On how much homework he'll have for football:
I feel like I'm someone who has to study for the GRE, going to grad school this spring and summer. The tradition of UCLA is easy to learn. But this team and the men's basketball team, that will be my chore here.

On if he's had any broadcasting influences:
So many. First of all, like anyone in Los Angeles, I admire Vin Scully. He would be at the top of the list, then people like Bob Costas and Jack Buck, more baseball.

On if he has a certain style:
I want our broadcast to be warm and fun. I always say as broadcasters, we can learn from airline pilots. You know when you get on airplanes, you dont know the pilot or his background, but if he has a warm, comfortable voice, you'll have a good flight. If you look at broadcasters that have stayed in one place for a long time, the fans relate to them. That's what I want, a real comfortable broadcast, informative, exciting for the fans and fair and balanced. I would say warm and comfortable is my goal. The other thing we can learn from an airline pilot is they use checklists, so as broadcasters, we have our checklists. Did you see the Virginia Tech-UCLA Sun Bowl game? From a Virginia Tech perspective, that was a bumpy flight in and out of El Paso, Texas. Its interesting to stand next to Myles Jack today after watching him play and what an amazing athlete he is. When you stand next to these guys, you can see the wonderful job that Coach Mora has done recruiting. Even new ones. There are some amazing athletes in this program and I'm really excited to watch them over the years and even more excited to call the games.

On if he imagined retiring at Virginia Tech:
It was going to take a really special place for me to ever leave Virginia Tech, something very unique and iconic and this was the only place I could consider leaving for, and I told Dan that. THis is a special and unique place. The tradition, the basketball and football facilities, the recruiting class, the Power 5 conferences. And I have family out here as well. It was a home run for me and I was able to check off everything on my list. Most of all, the iconic program. This is a tremendous privilege for me. They have amazing broadcasters and the greatest coaches here and some of the greatest broadcasters here. I'm priviliged to get that chance.

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