VIDEO: Bateman on Spring

Apr. 23 -- Transfer offensive lineman Zach Bateman talks about the transition to UCLA this spring...

Zach Bateman:

On how he'd assess the spring:
Learning a lot. Its been a big transition, a new offense, me not being in pads since October. Bouncing around at multiple new positions, so that trifecta of getting all that coming in, its been hard. I'm learning and getting there and looking forward to the future.

On the biggest challenge:
When you're hesitating on a play, it kind of slows down everything, your stance, where to get off the ball. Its a major factor. I definitely need the playbook honed in.

On how he feels physically:
I'm feeling pretty good right now. A little banged up but I got moved back out to left tackle where I'm real comfortable. I know this position well. I'm excited and I want to build off this in a positive note. Now work on getting my weight where I want to be, work my butt off and get ready for fall camp.

On not having Adrian Klemm for spring:
We've got a great coaching staff and the organization is phenomenal. And we have a veteran center, so I'm getting all the help I need. I need to focus on these plays and put the weight on my shoulders.

On playing guard early:
We had a plan where I was going to see if I could play guard and if I wasn't liking it, get bumped back to tackle. It was a lot for me. I think maybe in the future I could pull it off.

On if he has a preference:
Between the two, I like to view myself as a blindside tackle. So I'll try as hard as I can to perfect my craft doing that. When it gets down to it, whatever the team needs.

On how much guard he's played:
Zip, zero. It was something new, that's for sure.

On guard's biggest challenge:
From a left tackle point of view, I have a fast end and taking a step back versus a 330-pound linemen in my face without kicking back and a quick transition. The stance is completely different. For someone not a lineman, it doesn't sound like a major difference, but it really is.

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