VIDEO: Meadors on Transition to UCLA

Apr. 24 -- Freshman safety Nathan Meadors talks about the quick transition and his expectations for this year...

Nathan Meadors:

On the transition:
It's been pretty good. A bunch of the veteran guys have been helping me out. Its been a good transition.

On the biggest challenge:
Adjusting to the physicality and learning the playbook. A lot of little things.

On how school is going:
School is good. I'm adjusting real well. I like all my classes. Its been fun.

On what Demetrice Martin told him he wanted to see:
He just told me to be out there and play and show I could play. That was the whole purpose of coming in spring, to show I could play this season.

On safety:
Its pretty good. I've gotten to know all the secondary positions well. Its getting slower and slower as the week's goodbye.

On if someone has taken him under their wing:
Not just one guy, but the entire DBs have really helped me adjust to life in college and on the field.

On the biggest things he needs to work on:
Getting my body ready for the season and getting down the playbook.

On where he's at physically:
I'm about 187 and 6-0. I want to be 195 by the end of the season or midseason.

On his favorite class:
Learning about earthquakes.

On what he wants to major in:
I have no idea. I wanted to be a business major.

On the coolest moment so far on campus:
Playing football, being out here, playing what I love is pretty cool.

On if he expected to play as well as he has this spring:
I thought it would be a little tougher transition, but I feel like I adjusted well and the help from the older guys have helped me adjusted.

On if they've indicated to him a chance to play early:
Yeah, definitely. That was the sole purpose of me coming in early, that I could play a key role this year.

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