VIDEO: Woods on Coming in Early

Apr. 25 -- Linebacker Josh Woods should be a senior in high school, and he talks about the big transition...

Josh Woods talked to the media after practice this week.

On the transition:
Its a crazy experience because most of the guys my age aren't even seniors year. I'm taking it all in and trying to adjust. I'm getting the hang of it.

On when he decided to graduate early:
On my home visit when Coach Mora. He talked with my parents about it and they liked it.

On the pros and cons:
It was pretty much business as far as getting in here to get a jumpstart on football. Being a kid, I didn't get to finish out my senior year, but I'm still going to prom and graduation.

On the hardest transition:
Probably the speed and getting adjusted to the game and getting used to not being the biggest guy on the field and doing what I want. Now its more about technique.

On his classes:
I'm getting used to it. They're not too difficult. I have a midterm in a couple hours I was studying for.

On his size:
6-3, almost 215. I've started putting on weight, 5-6 pounds. They haven't told me but myself, I want to put on 20 pounds by fall. I have to get on some strength.

On if any particular linebacker has taken him under their wing:
I'd say the whole group, is like a brotherhood. That LBU status. I'm trying to get a tool from everybody, if one is good in a certain area, I'm going to try to build on that myself.

On Scott White:
He's great and phenomenal coach. Even the older guys have said he teaches really well, helps you understand and makes it simple.

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