Myles Jack, Campaign Manager

Apr. 27 -- Politicians are known for taking blows on the campaign trail. Just ask UCLA's prospective general representative Danny Siegel, who took quite a hit from linebacker Myles Jack...

There's paying for votes, and there's paying for medical bills — Danny Siegel knows a little bit about the latter. Siegel, who is running for the general representative position in the Undergraduate Students Association Council, enlisted UCLA linebacker Myles Jack to help show his toughness.

Jack is 6'1", 232 lbs. and was the 2013 Pac-12 offensive and defensive player of the year. To help protect himself, Siegel put on a helmet and shoulder pads and put down a floor mat to help cushion his fall. Unfortunately for Siegel, the pads didn’t help, and he never made it to the all. But any person willing to take a hit from Myles Jack — on purpose — gets our vote!

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