Alloway Could Be Close

Apr. 30 -- Four-star wide receiver Damian Alloway could make his decision between California and UCLA shortly...

Damian Alloway has gone back and forth between UCLA over the last couple of months, and when last we spoke to him, he appeared to be leaning back toward UCLA after nearly committing to California a month ago. In the meantime, though, he has visited Cal again, and in the wake of the visit, the four-star wide receiver still sounds torn.

"It was just a good experience," Alloway said of the Cal visit. "I finally got to see what the campus looked like, what the people up there were like. Got to see Erik Brown, and a few other guys up there, so it was good to see what it was like if I did go there."

Cal has experienced some turmoil of its own in the last few weeks, with wide receivers coach Pierre Ingram being relieved of his duties after being arrested during a prostitution sting, and Alloway did seem taken aback by the news.

"I didn't hear a lot about it," Alloway said. "All I heard about it was that he got arrested, but I haven't talked to the coaches about it, and I don't really want to get too into the details. I hope everything is cool with him. I just heard he was in jail, and I was like 'that's ridiculous'."

Alloway said the visit had an impact on him, and as of now, things are even between UCLA and Cal for him, with one more visit to come.

"What Cal showed me, what they told me, they definitely leveled everything out," Alloway said. "But I still need to go see UCLA, talk to their coaches, and I still haven't really toured their campus. I still need to do a lot to get to know UCLA better. But Cal did improve their situation a lot."

Alloway doesn't yet have a date set for the UCLA visit, but he suspects that when he does visit, a decision could come shortly thereafter.

"I want to visit whichever weekend I don't have a track meet or a 7-on-7 tournament," Alloway said, and then joked that the visit would probably happen in August given those parameters. "But as soon as I go up there to UCLA in a couple weeks, assuming no other offers come in that give me something to think about, I might be ready to shut it down and make my decision."

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