Notes and Evaluations from B2G

May 4 -- Several UCLA prospects were in attendance at the B2G 7-on-7 this weekend...

--This was our first time seeing three-star quarterback Patrick O'Brien since he started to get some real interest from UCLA, and he looked pretty good. He has a good throwing motion, solid footwork, and has plenty of arm strength. His decision-making, in the three games we saw, was also good, and he only forced a couple of throws. Physically, he definitely has a little more work he could do, since he's carrying a few extra pounds, but it looks more like baby fat than anything. We did an interview with him which you can see on the front page, but the vibe we got around him is that if the local schools don't move on him quickly, there's a chance he could commit to Nebraska on his unofficial visit in a couple of weeks.

Deommodore Lenoir
--2017 CB Deommodore Lenoir had a really nice couple of games that we saw on Saturday. He is a really physical cornerback who loves to press receivers at the line of scrimmage. The corners on his team were getting so physical at one point that the opposing coach started to complain to the officials about holding. For the next few plays, Lenoir proceeded to cover the receiver he was up against with his hands behind his back, and then completed the sequence with a great pass break up and chirped back to the coach "was there holding there?" Not usually a fan of trash talking, but I thought that was pretty cool, and showed pretty good make up for a cornerback in terms of confidence and attitude. He told us that UCLA is his leader, but that he's not in danger of committing soon, but we also heard from other people around him that he might actually get it done in the next couple of months, so we'll see.

--This was also our first chance to see four-star athlete Brandon Burton in a while. He worked out mostly at receiver in the games we saw, though he did have a strange series as a quarterback where he actually threw a nice deep ball that was dropped by Max Gilliam. Burton looked a little quicker at receiver than we remember from the last time we saw him, and showed a nice ability to adjust to the ball in the air. He didn't have a lot to say when we talked to him, but UCLA continues to recruit him hard, with both Demetrice Martin and Eric Yarber pulling him for offense and defense. Burton was also wearing UCLA gloves at the event, which it kills me to have to notice.

-- Jack Jones was his usual self, shutting down receivers on defense and looking quick and shifty on offense. It seems like every time we get a look at him, he's put on another couple of pounds of muscle. He looks basically nothing like the 140-pound kid we saw last summer at the UCLA camp when the Bruins gave him his first offer. He says UCLA and USC are still on him hard, and that he's actually spent the last few weeks working on his academics, so he hasn't taken many visits lately. He said UCLA was at Long Beach Poly on Thursday to see him. He was also sporting UCLA gloves, if you're into that sort of stuff.

--Krys Barnes continues to impress us with his ability to run with receivers on defense. He moves really well for his size, and changes direction very well. He looks like he'd fit right in with what UCLA likes to do with its linebackers.

-- 2016 S Lamar Jackson was also back in town this weekend, and he played almost exclusively safety in the games we saw. The thing with him is that he's all of 6'3 and probably 205 or 210 pounds right now. Basically everyone gets bigger going into college, so you probably project him getting to at least 220 pounds. At 6'3, 220, he'd be a great strong safety 15 years ago, but there really isn't room for that kind of size in the defensive backfield against modern spread offenses, unless you're a truly exceptional athlete (and Jackson isn't quite at that level, though he's a very good athlete). So what is he? For UCLA's purposes, he might make more sense as an outside linebacker or perhaps even a wide receiver (he made some plays on offense last week during 7-on-7 action and has very good ball skills). In any case, he's a big, long athlete who you recruit and figure out later.

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