UCLA Still Leading For Lenoir

May 4 -- The 2017 cornerback says that he has the best communication with Demetrice Martin...

2017 cornerback Deommodore Lenoir has been one of the fastest-rising underclassmen on the 7-on-7 circuit this spring, with offers coming in from a variety of schools. Most recently, he's started to hear more from LSU, and the Salesian product was very excited about that.

"LSU getting involved is very big for me," Lenoir said. "Especially considering the corner position. Many players I admire went there, like Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson. It's significant for me because I'm about their size and it makes me feel like I have a chance to get to their level."

LSU has not yet offered, but Lenoir thinks it could happen soon. In the meantime, he still has a local leader, and he hasn't budged from that stance all spring.

"UCLA is my first choice right now," Lenoir said. "I love the communication they have with me. Just the brotherhood and environment, they make me feel like home. And it's in L.A."

Lenoir went to the spring game last weekend, and while some fans may not have been impressed with the spectacle, Lenoir was not among that set.

"It was great," Lenoir said. "Watching them all out there made me want to strap up and play."

Lenoir said the most significant relationships he's built so far have been with defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin and current UCLA safety Jaleel Wadood.

As for the rest of the spring, Lenoir wants to visit most of the Pac-12 schools, including Oregon, Oregon State, and Arizona. Oregon and Arizona have yet to offer, but he thinks both could be fairly close. He's also waiting on a USC offer, which he thinks could come soon.

In terms of a decision timeline, there's been some talk that Lenoir could get it over with in the next couple of months, but, at least publicly, Lenoir says he wants to take the process through his senior year.

"I'm going to take it slow," Lenoir said. "I want to get the feeling of going through the Signing Day process, taking visits and all of that."

When he describes the key factor in his choice of school, though, UCLA has to feel good about its long-term chances.

"I'm just looking for communication," Lenoir said in describing what he'd look for in a school. "That'll show me which schools want me more and have a real plan for me."

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