Jones Still Weighing Options

May 8 -- The four-star athlete has been one of the most impressive players we've seen this spring...

Four-star athlete Jack Jones has had a huge spring, showing off the skills and athletic ability to be a dynamic slot receiver or a lockdown cornerback at the next level. With all of that hype starting to build around him, you'd expect him to be taking visits to all manner of schools right now, but instead he's focused on another priority.'

"I've been working hard on getting my school work done," Jones said. "I'm grinding, making sure my grades are up for this coming season. I don't want to limit my options because of my grades."

As such, Jones didn't take the trip to Chicago with his B2G teammates, and hasn't taken any unofficial visits over the last few weeks, with no definite plans to take any soon.

"I have no visit plans that I know of right now," Jones said. "But I don't usually know an unofficial visit until two days before or the day before. It's partly not being able to find someone to drive me, but also just my own work, it's hard to figure out way ahead of time whether I have time to fit in visits with practice and academic work."

That said, he has had a few schools drop by to watch him, among them UCLA.

"Coach Demetrice Martin came up here for our showcase last week," Jones said. "I didn't really talk to him since I think he didn't want to get in the way, but he was there watching and that was good to see. I talk with them a lot."

USC is also on Jones hard, and he says he's been talking with Tee Martin pretty frequently.

"Tee Martin hits me up on Twitter all the time," Jones said. "I talked to him on the phone the other day. He wanted me to give him a call, so I did and we chopped it up a little bit. They haven't been by the school yet, but they said they would later this spring."

Both schools still are recruiting him as an athlete, giving him the potential to play on either side of the ball, and he's very comfortable with that idea.

"I don't really have a preference, because I feel like I can dominate on both sides of the ball," Jones aid. "It's going to be more of a matter of where I go, are we weak at the corner spot? Are we weak at the receiver spot? Where does the coach want me to play? All of that plays into it, I'm completely open to doing both."

And that's not just cockiness; Jones shows up in a big way on both sides of the ball during 7-on-7 action, and he has gotten progressively better virtually every time we've seen him this spring. He credits his improvement to a couple of teachers.

"Learning from Iman Marshall, he helped me out a lot in learning both defense and offense, going through the wrongs and the rights at cornerback," Jones said. "And then on offense, I have (former NFL receiver and current Long Beach Poly assistant) T.J. Houshmandzadeh teaching me, and then going against the best corner in the nation...those aren't bad teachers. Without those two, I wouldn't be where I am right now in my development."

As for a decision timeline, Jones is still thinking he'll wait until Signing Day.

"I just want to go through all of my options and take all of my visits," Jones said. "As of now, the one official visit I know I'll take is to Michigan, but that's the only one I know for sure right now. No other one has jumped out yet."

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