The Opening Oakland Evaluations

May 17 -- Here's our look at how the UCLA prospects performed at the Oakland Opening Regional...

Camilo Eifler, LB, Bishop O'Dowd, was one of the elite prospects on the day. He’s about 6-1+, 205, a great body for a linebacker prospect, and particularly great athleticism, jumping 42" in the vertial. He moved well and really stood out in coverage, where he stayed with running backs on their routes easily and then closed and timed his break-ups. He won the Linebackers MVP, and deservedly so, and earned an invitation to The Opening.

Caleb Kelly, LB, Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West, didn’t have quite the day that Eifler did, mostly because he just didn’t move as well in coverage as Eifler. But this is a very high standard of athleticism here, and compared to anyone else Kelly looked very athletic. He’s bigger and longer than Eifler, at 6-2+ and probably 225, with a great body that could easily put on 20 pounds more of good weight. He ran well and smoothly in the 40, and looked the best in pass rush drills where he just speed-rushed his blocker pretty easily. He moves really well, but in 1-on-1s allowed his man to get early separation. He projects more as the pass-rushing, hybrid linebacker on the next level. He received The Opening invite.

Vavae Malepeai, RB, Mililani (Hawaii). He was probably the most pleasant surprise on the day, being better than we expected. He’s about 5-11, and probably 195, and he isn’t lightning fast, but he ran very well, and showed some very good elusiveness for his size in the 1-on-1s. He was particularly good catching the ball out of the backfield, being too tough for linebackers to cover, giving them a shake pretty easily, and then having very refined pass-catching skills. UCLA has offered and, having not seen him before, we weren’t completely convinced about the offer, but are now.

Boss Tagaloa, DT, Concord De La Salle. Tagaloa was a bit shorter than we thought he’d be, at about 6-1ish, and has a squatty body. But he ran well for a guy with his body, and moved well in small space in the drills. He didn’t participate in the 1-on-1s so he didn’t get an invitation to The Opening.

Oluwole Betiku, DE, Gardena Serra. If there’s a better physical specimen in the country we’d like to see him. At about 6-3 and 235, he’s a cut piece of muscle, and he has good flexibility for being so built out. In the drills he showed quickness but just a raw understanding of his position. When he gets experience and coaching, combine it with his body and athleticism and he definitely has a huge upside. Received invite to The Opening.

Hunter Kampmoyer, DE, Bishop (Calif.). He’s not 6-7, but more about 6-5, and has a decent body. He ran just okay, but then in the DL drills he showed some exceptional quickness and good hands. He’d have one good rep in the drills and then an average one. He didn’t get too many 1-on-1 reps on the day.

Francisco Perez, OL, Baldwin Park (Calif.). He’s about 6-3, 285, pretty compact and not great length, but he had good feet and good hand placement. He worked at tackle but projects as a guard and showed great aggressiveness and a very good initial punch. He was no worse than the second-best OL prospect on the day.

Jabari Watson, DL, Fontana (Calif.) Summit. He had a mixed day, at times showing a good burst off the line, but with a body slightly top-heavy which made him play too high and allowed blockers to get under him. He’ll have to transform his body, and add some lower-body strength, but at about 260 right now there’s room for it. . UCLA has been watching him and he’s came to a couple of UCLA’s spring practices.

Mike Williams, DT, Fort Worth (Tex.) All Saints Episcopal. He was about 6-3 and 270, and pretty strong while playing low, but he had just one move and if the OL knew what it was he was ineffective in the rep. He does have good quickness off the ball so there is something to work with. UCLA’s Angus McClure went to Texas to see Williams last Thursday and UCLA was his first offer.

Henry Hattis, OL, Rio Rancho (New Mexico) V. Sue Cleveland. He’s listed at 6-7+ and 265, and was our best offensive line prospect on the day. He’s very long and moves well, a true tackle, and probably projects to left tackle. He won every single one of his reps, and came the closest to losing one when he faced Betiku, but recovered quickly. The combination of size, mobility and being technically sound while while being able to add good weight easily on a good frame make him an intriguing prospect. He has offers from Arizona State, Washington State, Texas Tech and the New Mexico schools.

Leevel Tatum. DT, Fresno (Calif.) Edison. A two-star player right now, Tatum is a better prospect than that, mostly because he exhibited very good quickness and a nice burst off the ball. At about 6-1, 260, he’s a bit on the smaller side for a DT, but that great first step and variety of moves made him difficult to block. He was probably the quickest DT on the day.

Darian Owens, ATH, Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West. We spoke with Owens at the start of the day and he said that UCLA is recruiting him exclusively as a receiver, so we can probably put to bed any notion that he’ll play defensive back in college -- at least to start out. He had an up and down day at the camp. During individual drills and one-on-ones, he struggled to get separation off the line and then actually had a number of drops. Later, during the skeleton portion of the camp, he picked it up and made some nice plays against zone coverage. He’s well-built and really filled out through the shoulders, and, while he lacks a certain suddenness off the line, he has good speed in the open field. He didn’t look like a natural pass catcher, which is a concern. It will be interesting to see where he ends up playing in college.

Theo Howard, WR, Westlake (Calif.). Howard was really impressive on Sunday, particularly given that this was his first event after hurting his ankle at the beginning of spring. He ran a 4.39 40 yard dash to start the day, and then backed that up with great play through individual drills and one-on-ones. He looked a little rusty with his route-running, but he was so explosive off the line that often he was able to beat defensive backs without doing much more than run past them. Obviously, it’s just one camp, but after watching him today, it reinforces our opinion that he’s probably the top receiver in the West in this class. He’s saying he’s solid to Oregon, but we’ve heard that he’s still in touch with the UCLA staff pretty frequently.

Javon McKinley, WR, Corona (Calif.) Centennial. McKinley had another solid day, and that’s been about the story on McKinley this entire spring. He’s not shifty or particularly quick, but he’s a really steady possession receiver with some good speed once he gets going. He’s still hearing from UCLA and USC, but more and more schools are jumping in with him, and it sounds like his recruitment could go for a long time.

Terrell Bynum, 2017 WR, Anaheim (Calif.) Servite. Bynum ran a decent enough 40, but it didn’t look completely natural, with a little bit of a jerky start and he just doesn’t have a natural running style. During drills, he looked pretty good, though, and was able to get some separation from cornerbacks. He’s still pretty skinny, so there’s plenty of room for him to fill out and get stronger. He’s about 5’11 now, and probably in the 165 or 170 pound range, so you can project him probably growing an inch and getting a little bigger. UCLA is among the schools on him, and the Bruins have been rumored to be a favorite of his, but he mixed things up by wearing a USC sweatshirt today.

Devin Asiasi, TE, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle Asiasi told us he was 268 pounds just before the event started, but it’d be hard to believe that after seeing him run a 40. He looked very fluid, and had a really easy gait. If he can somehow keep his weight down, we’d completely believe him sticking at tight end in college. The question, of course, is whether he can do it. He’s a big guy, with a wide body that you can just see adding weight really easily, which might mean he ends up on the defensive line. He didn’t catch the ball really well on Sunday, but that might have been flukey. He told us beforehand that USC, UCLA, and Alabama will definitely make his top ten when he comes out with it, which probably means those are his top three, but we’d be pretty stunned if he picks anything other than USC.

Brandon Burton, ATH, Gardena (Calif.) Serra. Burton worked at both receiver and safety on Sunday, and it’s hard to pick where he might fit best in college. He’s pretty decent at both spots and is a good technician. He didn’t run a great 40, and he fell down on 2 out of 3 attempts at the 3-cone drill, but he ran pretty good routes at receiver and looked pretty smooth at safety. He’s still taking it slow with his recruitment.

Lamar Jackson, DB, Elk Grove (Calif.) Franklin. Jackson is a really interesting case. Watching him, you can see all the cornerback skills -- except he’s 6’3 and growing and probably 210 pounds right now. Already, he’s not quite quick enough to stay with some of the better receivers, and you can only imagine that’s going to continue. But then at safety, he doesn’t look quite natural yet. The more we look at him, the more we think outside linebacker or even wide receiver might be the best fit for him. He’s not super fast, but he uses his body well and has good ball skills. At his size and growing, receiver or linebacker might be his best bet going forward.

David Long, DB, Loyola (Calif.). Long was once again extremely impressive at cornerback. He ran one of the best 40 yard dashes of the day, clocking a 4.40, and it looked very smooth. During drills, he was almost toying with receivers, playing off or press coverage and looking completely natural either way. He has exceptional feet, quickness, and, clearly, speed, and is an elite prospect at cornerback. He told us that Stanford is on him hard, but UCLA is right there as well, and he’s not close to naming a favorite.

Byron Murphy, ATH, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro Murphy didn’t look really impressive in the testing, and didn’t run a very good 40 (we didn’t get the exact time). Once it came time to actually compete with receivers, though, he looked much better. During one-on-ones, he generally locked down most receivers he was matched up against, and looked quick enough to stay with them whenever they made their move. He wore a USC jacket to the event, but said UCLA, USC, and Washington are actually all recruiting him pretty hard right now. We’ve heard Texas A&M could be the team to beat though.

Jordan Parker, DB, Pittsburg (Calif.). Aside from Long, Parker was probably our favorite corner. He ran a smooth-looking 40, and then was excellent during drills. He has the cockiness you want in a cornerback, looking extremely confident in his ability. He has great ball skills, which really sets him apart from the other corners, even Long. He had two interceptions that we saw, and at least two or three more where he put himself in great position to try for a pick, and we probably only saw a fifth of his reps. We’ve heard more and more that he’s solid to UCLA, though other schools are still trying hard, including USC.

Jordan Fuller, DB, Ola Tappan (New Jersey). Fuller had a big day, winning an invite to The Opening and to the Army All-American Game by the end of the camp. He is really long, and probably a legit 6’1 or 6’2, and not skinny. Typically, for a guy that size, we’d already be penciling him in as a safety at the next level, but he actually showed the skills and enough quickness to give us a little pause. He did really well in one-on-ones, which is usually where corners without great quickness get exposed. He told us after camp that he’s thinking more and more about coming West for college, but that doesn’t necessarily mean UCLA, as Stanford is recruiting him and the Cardinal had him on campus yesterday.

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