Anigbogu Talks UCLA Commitment

May 28 -- The fast-rising 2016 post prospect talks about why he chose to be a Bruin...

When Ike Anigbogu committed to UCLA earlier this spring, the decision ultimately came down to his feelings about the school itself.

"I've really been in love with the school, even before basketball," Anigbogu said. "My sister goes there, I like the program, the history, and everything. I felt like it was the best fit for me."

So it's no wonder that Anigbogu committed just three weeks after being offered by the Bruins. It was the offer he was waiting on, and he wasted no time snatching it up.

"I like the way they run the program," Anigbogu said. "I have a connection with one of the coaches (Coach David Grace). He has a relationship with the Compton Magic coaches."

Anigbogu's connection has been mostly with Grace, but he said that he's also touched base with Coach Steve Alford.

"I talked to him a little bit," Anigbogu said. "I like him, and I think he likes me too."

Anigbogu spent much of last season going to UCLA games, and he thinks he can fit right into the program.

"I've been to a bunch of their games," Anigbogu said. "I feel like I can help them in their program, I like their style."

As of now, Anigbogu said he's more of a five, but he's hoping to develop into more of a four, and as far as self-evaluation goes, that's about the most accurate we've heard. Anigbogu is developing offensively, but he's a definite five right now, with great defensive qualities, and good size at 6'10, 240 pounds.

Anigbogu said his sister's experience at UCLA has only made him more excited about the school.

"She likes it a lot," Anigbogu said. "It's a really strong academic school, and that's what my parents are really looking for. I've been up there to see her in the dorms and stuff, and it's a great environment."

Anigbogu hasn't yet been able to spend any time with the current UCLA team, but he has already started to build a relationship with his fellow 2016 classmates.

"After I committed, I went to the adidas Nations camp, and I was with Lonzo Ball a lot," Anigbogu said. "We hung out a lot. I think we all have a great relationship."

And as for his recruitment, Anigbogu said that he's pretty much locked into UCLA.

"I think it's a done deal," Anigbogu said. "No schools are really still recruiting me."

He also said he was planning on taking a visit up to UCLA soon, but he wasn't sure when.

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