Robinson Will Make Summer Visit to UCLA

Jun. 2 -- Denton (Texas) Guyer quarterback Shawn Robinson is one of the nation's top recruits in the 2017 class and showed why at the Steve Clarkson Trendsetter Quarterback Retreat last weekend...

Shawn Robinson is a true dual-threat quarterback who can hurt a team with his arm or his legs. What makes him so unique is that unlike a lot of dual-threat quarterbacks, he's a plus thrower and runner, whereas many quarterbacks with the dual-threat label are more like athletes who are far more advanced running than passing.

Robinson still has areas where he can improve mechanically and gain more consistency as a passer, but his upside is tremendous.

"I had a very good time out here," Robinson said over the weekend,"I knew there was going to be some great quarterbacks out here and it was fun to compete and learn. I learned a lot of new footwork drills that I can take back to Texas with me and I enjoyed working with Mr. Clarkson a lot, he's a great guy and knows his stuff."

Robinson drew rave reviews from Clarkson as well.

"He's an incredibly humble kid with a great family," Clarkson said. "One of the best parts of these retreats for me is getting to know the families of the players and seeing how they interact. Shawn is an amazing kid and it's easy to see why after meeting his family. He was very liked by everyone and has an extremely bright future. He's gifted and a special talent for sure. "

On the recruiting front, Robinson said he has never visited any schools outside of Texas before but is planning to check out several programs over the summer.

"I'm going to do a West Coast swing and a East Coast swing this summer," Robinson said. "Out West I'm going to visit USC and UCLA for sure and maybe Oregon. USC offered me a while ago and UCLA just offered a week ago so I want to go and visit both programs for sure.

"I'm also going to check out Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, Alabama and maybe Clemson. I would love to make an early decision if I can. I may do it middle of my junior season but if I can do it this summer and get it out of the way, that would be even better. That way I can just focus on school, my grades and getting better so the visits will be huge for me."

Locally, Robinson has already been to Texas, Texas Tech and Baylor and remains wide open right now.

"I still don't have a top five or anything right now," Robinson said. "For me, my relationship with the coaches is going to be a big factor for me when I pick a school. The offense has to fit me and the overall atmosphere as well. I think when I find the right school, I'll know it in my heart.

"So once I do all these visits, I'll be able to sit back and compare everyone to each other and then see what the best fit for me is. I'm not going to rush anything but like I said, if I know a place is right for me, I'll go ahead and make an early decision, otherwise, I'll hold off until I know."

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