Faoa Case Settled

The sophomore defensive end, Asi Faoa, had his case essentially settled today...

Sophomore defensive end Asi Faoa pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault today in a Los Angeles court room for a incident that stemmed from a fraternity party in spring of 2000.

Faoa, as a result, will more than likely do 180 days of work furlough starting this winter, according to sources. This would entail Faoa spending nights in jail, while being released every day. It could conceivably mean that Faoa would attend school, and even spring practice, every day, and then reporting to jail for the evening.

Faoa's sentence was 180 days in jail, which was slated to begin May 20th. Sources, though, indicate that Faoa will almost assuredly be granted work furlough, which he'd be able to begin in January.

Faoa was also given five years probation and must complete a six-month anger management course.

There is also a civil suit over the incident pending. Sources said that the amount of the suit will be approxmiately $25,000.

Today at practice, before the decision had been reached in court, Head Coach Bob Toledo said: "First of all, it's in the past. I don't know what's happening now. All I can tell you is that if it ever ended up to be a felony, he'd be kicked off the team. He knows that. If it's not a felony, he's already been punished. He was suspended for the Alabama game last year. I had him do other things. It's over with for me, unless it's a felony. If it's a felony, he's gone."

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