Bowen Wants UCLA Offer

Jun. 3 -- Four-star defensive end Brandon Bowen says that UCLA is one school that could change up his recruitment...

Brandon Bowen, a 6-foot-6, 230-pound defensive end from Trophy Club (Texas) Byron Nelson is one of the top-recruited prospects in the Dallas area.

He has good tape and he definitely passes the eye ball test.

Offers have rolled in from schools like Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Maryland, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oregon State, TCU, Tennessee, Texas, Texas Tech, Utah and Virginia.

There were also some headline programs out to see him practice this spring.

"USC, Oregon and Alabama" Bowen said. "Those were real big. They all came out."

"This whole spring it was a really good spring. We have a lot of young people on varsity. It took them a little bit of time, and then we started progressing real fast. We started to get the little things and do the little things right."

For TC Nelson, Bowen plays on both sides of the ball. He is a standout weapon as a tight end and then a quarterback's terror at defensive end.

"I feel like I am doing better at catching the ball and attacking it on the offensive side, and on the defensive side working with my hands a little bit more and using my length to my advantage," Bowen answered when asked in what areas he had improved.

"An area I would like to get better is with my footwork on offense. So that is want I want to work on."

On the recruiting front, Bowen is still considering all of his options -- he has around 20 scholarship offers.

"I have not made a cut-down list. I am still wide-open."

"I am making it where next year I should have my top 10 and break it down from there. I want to see the college first and be there and see what the students are like and stuff like that."

Bowen went on to explain that there were "a couple" on his current offer list that could be considered favorites to land in his Top 10.

"Especially the ones in-state, regional, because they are close to home," Bowen reported. "TCU, OSU, OU, the ones more close to my mom and where my family can get out there and see me."

"Baylor, TCU, OU, OSU, Arizona State those all stick out to me because when I started I did not have anybody from the West Coast or here but they all started seeing me and my name started getting out."

But with national level attention still flying in there are some programs out there who could still offer and have a potential impact on how his recruitment could play out.

"USC, UCLA, Florida State, those would all be on my top list," Bowen said.

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