UCLA Offer For Alves

Jun. 4 -- The San Diego offensive lineman earned a UCLA offer seemingly out of the blue this week...

UCLA has given out a flurry of offensive line offers in the last week, and the latest was San Diego (Calif.) St. August offensive guard Mike Alves, who heard the news from UCLA running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu.

"I was offered earlier this week," Alves said. "Coach Kennedy Polamalu let me know about the offer. He stopped by school a while ago, and he said he wanted to offer me right there, but the offensive line coach was still on suspension, so he wanted to wait. And then the other day, my coach got a hold of me and texted me Polamalu's number and told me to give him a call. So I did, and he offered.

"It's one of the higher offers I have. I'm definitely interested."

It's been a bit of a whirlwind recruitment for Alves, who hadn't heard much from UCLA until Polamalu came to visit.

"I've been getting some mail, but not any coach contact until Coach Polamalu came," Alves said. "So it was kind of out of the blue when he told me he came and told me he wanted to offer."

For most guys in his shoes, this would be the time to think about scheduling an unofficial visit, but Alves has a different plan in mind.

"I probably won't take an unofficial visit up to campus," Alves said. "But if it looks like they're a school I think I'd like to attend, I'll probably take an official."

Alves hasn't yet named a top five or anything like that, but he does have a list of schools that are standing out, and UCLA might be sliding right into that group.

"Oregon, Wisconsin, Boston College, Washington," Alves said. "Those are kind of the ones I'm a little bit more interested in right now. I think UCLA will be in that mix too."

Obviously, UCLA is the local school in that group, and while Alves downplays that as a significant factor, it's clearly going to have some kind of influence on his recruitment.

"It's not that big of a deal," Alves said. "I mean, I think it's cool that UCLA is where it is. And being the school that it is, that appeals to me. So it's good that it's close. I think I'd rather stay close than be far away, but it's not that big of a factor to me. I think it's cool when your parents can come to the games, and all that."

Most schools are recruiting Alves as a guard, but some are saying that they'll try him out at both tackle and guard to see where he fits best. He said that he's not sure, but he thinks UCLA is recruiting him to play guard.

As for what he's going to be looking for in a school, Alves had a detailed list of factors

"Sort of a larger population than smaller one," Alves said. "A good Division I football school where I can see myself at least coming in and doing well. I don't know about starting, but at least showing that I'm capable of playing early. A good academic school, one where I feel I can do the work on my own. And then just a good location, where I feel like when I go up to visit I just know that it's the place for me."

Alves has obviously earned a good deal of attention at this point, but he said he'd still like to hear from schools like Notre Dame and Michigan. Those schools will have some time to throw their hats in the ring as well, since Alves doesn't plan to commit until after his senior season.

"I'll probably commit around the end of football season," Alves said. "If it's a tough decision, and I'm down to two or something like that, then I might wait longer, but I'd like to get it done in December."

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