Evaluation: Damian Alloway

Jun. 5 -- Check out this in-depth look at UCLA receiver prospect Damian Alloway...

• Stats: Ballpark figures based upon inconsistency of stat totals. Said to have been just shy of 1,300 yards total offense with 18 touchdowns, including four kickoff returns for scores as a junior. Somewhere in the vicinity of 720 yards rushing and a 12.0-yard average with another 150 yards receiving as a sophomore.

• Assets: A productive, resourceful, versatile football player with high marks for footwork and loose hips. Shows quality vision and elusiveness in traffic with a knack for picking the right path to daylight. A seamless change of direction with subtle foot-in-the-ground abilities to alter course.

A relatively effortless running motion with limited head movement. Shows a high back-kick in his running stride, which usually is an indication of athleticism. Has a nice north-south feel for finding daylight, eschewing east-west movement when it’s not necessary. Finds way to extend plays when he looks as if he’s pinned in. Creates additional yardage when it’s not there. Shows quality hands with look-the-ball-in fundamentals.

Offers the versatility of a fairly physical defensive back while adding the dimensions of a kick and punt returner where his vision, elusiveness, north-south tendencies, quick feet and loose hips come into play. Also a jet-sweep threat motioning parallel to the line of scrimmage.

• Room for improvement: Not a blazer. More athletic than he is flat-out fast, although he does show an extra gear when the posse is in pursuit. There’s work to be done in route running, just through inexperience and the way he is used in the Summit High offense. Needs to learn how to get open downfield, although his quick feet usually allow for a good release.

• Summary: Most schools, according to Alloway, project him as a slot receiver, which makes sense considering his elusiveness in traffic. Alloway has great feet/footwork. He has that rat-a-tat running style that gives him the ability to change course, and thus, throw would-be tacklers off their stride.

He won’t run away from the faster players on the field a majority of the time, but every now and then, you see a gear that makes you hesitate and reevaluate just how fast you think he is.

Alloway offers versatility in the return game and as a jet-sweep runner out of motion. He also makes perfect sense as a kick and punt coverage guy with his background as a defensive back, where he clearly shows some aggressiveness, physicality and tackling skills.

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