Evaluations and Notes From B2G Elite Camp

Jun. 14 -- Check out the news, notes, and evaluations from the B2G Elite Camp this weekend...


Alloway generally does pretty well in these sorts of environments, using his quickness to get open in one-on-ones. He's not a burner, but he has enough straight-ahead speed that he can go deep on occasion. He makes the majority of his plays, though, within about ten yards from the line of scrimmage, where he can create separation with his quick first few steps. He had a couple of drops during practice on Friday, and we've seen that enough this spring to say that he doesn't have elite hands, but they're still pretty solid. In speaking with him at camp, it sounds as if UCLA is still in a very good spot for him. California has actually dropped off a little, and it sounds like UCLA might actually be the school recruiting him the hardest. It's still too early to predict, especially with this recruitment where Alloway has gone back and forth so many times, but if we had to guess right now, we'd say he ends up a Bruin.

Davis is one of the top offensive linemen in the 2017 class out West, and he's already getting national attention. He had a tough time in one-on-ones at the camp this weekend, in large part because he was matched up against Betiku fairly often when we watched, which just isn't fair. Davis is carrying a little bit of extra weight, but he moves really well for his size, with great feet. He looks really young still, and his body is still clearly maturing. Right now, he looks like he'd have the potential to play either guard or tackle, but as he gets a little taller and leaner, tackle could be the ideal fit for him in college. Davis told us at the camp that he's developed a really good relationship with assistant offensive line coach Blake Bentz, and that he's heard enough from UCLA to think that Adrian Klemm will be returning soon.

The 2018 receiver is already huge, at an easy 6'4 or so, so it's easy to forget that he's a very young player. He is not a crisp route-runner at this stage, but that might be just that he's still getting used to his height. He has generally good hands, and his frame obviously makes him stand out. He has double-digit offers, including one from UCLA, but he's a long way from making a decision.

Howard has emerged as the alpha dog among the 2016 receivers. He blew up at The Opening in Oakland, and then on Friday at the B2G Camp, he was very clearly a cut above the other receivers out there. He's very fast and very quick, and he has very good hands. He should have a very big senior season. He's saying he's 100% solid to Oregon, and we're starting to believe it a little bit more. Still, UCLA and USC are still talking to him, so there's always an outside chance something changes.

Jaggers is certainly a big dude, looking like a legitimate 6'4 or 6'5 and already probably in the 240 pound range. He's a bit of a lumbering athlete, and he dropped a good amount of catchable balls during practices. We wouldn't be stunned to see him make a move to defensive end or offensive line down the road. UCLA hasn't offered yet, but is recruiting him.

We were generally impressed with the 2017 receiver out of Texas. He has good quickness and speed, and was consistently able to get open. His hands were a little more of a question mark, with several drops throughout the two days we watched him. He looks like a slot receiver at the next level, but potentially a very good one. He sounds pretty interested in UCLA, so he might be a realistic national target next year. He has already made a few trips out to Los Angeles.

If Lewis were in the 2016 class, he'd have a case for being the top receiver in the class. His combination of size (6'2-ish), speed, hands, and route-running is rare. He's also the right age for his grade, so there's a lot of upside here. He's probably a USC lean, but we've heard, interestingly, that the USC staff isn't all that high on him. UCLA offered this spring.

Pittman only participated on day one, mostly at receiver. He looked pretty good, and was moving better than we've seen him this spring. We talked to him and he as much as told us he'd be committing to Oregon soon.

Shohfi looked really good on Saturday, and he's actually looked pretty good all spring. He was easily the most polished route-runner in the camp, with good hands and decent speed. The only player who successfully covered him without holding was Jack Jones. Shohfi is mostly being recruited by Ivy League schools, but he's better than that.

Sidney is one of our favorite players in the class, and he didn't disappoint either day of the camp. As mentioned above, he was about the only player who could beat Jack Jones with any consistency. He isn't super fast, but he is fast enough that if he gets a corner off-balance, it's hard for the DB to recover. He's a master at using head fakes and false steps to confuse corners. USC and UCLA are at the top for him, with USC probably in the lead right now.

The Nebraska-committed quarterback looks like he's lost 5 or 10 pounds in the last month or so, which is great for him. He was about the only really consistent quarterback in the camp. He's pretty solidly committed to Nebraska from what we've heard.


Betiku didn't participate on Saturday, but watching him on Friday was more than enough of a showcase. He's such a powerful, agile athlete, and he showed off all of his impressive athletic skill during drills. He doesn't even seem to really know how to do the drills going into them, so he looks a little sloppy, but then by the end you realize that he did the drill quicker and with more power than anyone else doing it. He actually was working out with the linebackers at points on Friday, and the only one who looked better athletically was Breland Brandt, who is about 30 pounds lighter than Betiku. Betiku basically admitted to us on camera that UCLA is his favorite right now, and we've heard enough to reiterate that it's going to take an awful lot to get Betiku to leave Southern California at this point. He's really developed an affinity for the region in his short time here.

Brandt apparently didn't have a great showing at the UnderArmour Camp, and we sort of get it. He's not a polished player by any means at this point, and so he's probably not going to look great in coverage drills that rely in large part on technique. But when you watch him go through drills, and focus on the way he's able to move laterally, bend, and change direction, it's hard not to be impressed. There's clearly some work to be done in terms of teaching him technique, and we wouldn't be shocked if he redshirts a year to get stronger and learn more about how to play the position, but he has huge upside if he can put it all together. Talking to him at the camp, he's 100% solid, and said he's been working hard on Caleb Kelly to join the linebacker group. Brandt says that he's coming in to play weakside linebacker (Deon Hollins/Keisean Lucier-South's position).

Dye was one of the eye-openers from camp. He is about 6'3, and probably a little over 200 pounds, and he worked out primarily at safety. He looked good there, and moved well for that size, but looking at his body and the way it projects, he's another one of those tweener types like Lamar Jackson or Michael Pittman who might project best as a linebacker if he stays on defense. The funny thing is, we wouldn't put Dye too far behind either of those guys athletically, yet he's not getting anywhere near the same amount of attention. UCLA hasn't recruited Dye extensively to this point, and it makes sense, because UCLA has other linebackers it's doing well with, and Dye probably doesn't project as a safety. But we wouldn't be shocked to see Dye's recruitment start to pick up even more going forward.

Graham's been one of our favorite cornerbacks on the 7-on-7 circuit this spring, but the camp wasn't his best setting. He does well in press coverage, but during one-on-ones, they mostly practiced playing off of receivers, and he looked a little more uncomfortable doing that. He's a really competitive guy, which is somewhat surprising since he's literally always smiling, and his makeup is great for a corner, but technically, there's still some work to be done to turn him into a complete player. He's still a very good prospect, though. In speaking with him, we actually got the vibe that USC is either going to have to offer soon or he's going to look elsewhere. The Trojans were thought to be the favorite, and they probably were as of a couple of months ago, but USC hasn't offered, and the USC coaching staff really wants him to come in to the Rising Stars camp to earn an offer. Graham is being recruited heavily by Arizona State and UCLA, and if the Trojans don't offer soon, it'll probably come down to those two schools.

Holmes looks like he's grown a little bit in the last few months, which is a great sign, since he looked maxed out earlier this spring. He's probably a true 5'10 now, rather than that fudged 5'10 we've been putting in his profile for the last year or so. He's a very talented athlete, and he looked great on day one. Talking to him, UCLA is still in a very good spot here, thanks to the relationship he's built with Demetrice Martin.

The more we watch Jackson, the more convinced we are that he's going to probably need to play linebacker at the next level. He clearly doesn't agree, though, and he's dropped some weight in the last month, looking closer to 200 pounds than the 210 or 215 he was in April. He has good cornerback skills, but he just doesn't have the body to play that position consistently at the next level. At safety, teams are more and more going to smaller players who can cover a lot of ground rather than big hitters. So, the positions that make the most sense would be linebacker or, perhaps, receiver on offense. In any case, this one still sounds like a USC vs. UCLA battle, with a decision potentially coming over the summer.

Johnson played cornerback exclusively this weekend, and we'd actually like to get a longer look at him at running back, since it doesn't seem corner is a great fit for him. He doesn't change direction really well, and had a hard time keeping up with the quicker receivers. He already has a good amount of offers, including ones from UCLA and USC. UCLA is probably right there at the top of his list right now.

Jones showed up on Saturday and basically stole the show. He's pretty clearly the best cornerback in the West in this class, and we'd probably say he's no worse than top three among the receivers. He is very quick, he has great instincts, and, probably the most important factor, he is the most insanely competitive guy in this class. He took rep after rep after rep during one-on-ones, repeatedly stepping in when others players were already lined up to take the rep. When no one immediately stepped in to cover a tight end during one-on-ones, Jones took on that assignment as well. He has great instincts for corner, and about the only guy who could beat him was Trevon Sidney, who is a very tricky cover. Jones is telling everyone he has no favorites, and when pressed, he rattles off a list of schools in the Midwest, but most believe he's not leaving Los Angeles for college. We continue to hear UCLA is doing well with him.

Long participated on Friday and looked like his usual self -- quick, fast, with good instincts. He came out with a top ten just prior to the event, which included UCLA. He told us that he has the best relationships with Washington and UCLA. From what we've heard, Stanford might be the team to beat, but everything Long has said has indicated UCLA is still right in the mix. Long was a big USC fan growing up, so there's some buzz that the Trojans are near the top, but we heard that he was a little ticked off that it took so long for USC to offer. In any case, it doesn't sound like he'll take more than another few months to decide.

Parker has improved his body in the last few months, looking a little slimmer. He didn't have a great first day, but was better on the second day. The most impressive thing about Parker, though, was his competitive makeup. By the second day of the camp this year, many of the top players were sitting out or no longer there (this typically happens at this point in the spring, with many of the top player just sort of tired of the entire process). Parker was still participating on the second day, and was going harder than just about anyone else in the camp. During drills, he was going with such intensity that it looked like his legs would give out at just about any moment. If he takes that sort of work ethic with him to college, he could be pretty special. In speaking with him, he's clearly still open to other schools, but the vibe we've gotten from him and those close to him is that he will more than likely stick with UCLA.

Redd is a sparkplug of a cornerback, at about 5'9 or so but solidly built. He didn't take too many reps during one-on-ones, but looked pretty good during drills, moving better than you'd think with his stout body. Redd told us that UCLA is one of the few schools recruiting him hardest right now.

Toailoa's body looks significantly better at this point in the spring than it did at the beginning. He only worked out on Friday, and these sorts of environments are not the best look for him. He actually did surprisingly well in some of the agility drills, and, though he's far from a fluid athlete, he still manages to do a good enough job in zone coverage. He's still very committed to UCLA, from what we've heard, despite his brother Leni starting to earn some real Pac-12 attention.

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