Gebbia Hearing From Many

Jun. 23 -- The 2017 quarterback says that UCLA could be close to offering him...

Calabasas (Calif.) quarterback Tristan Gebbia has seen his recruitment blow up in recent weeks, with eight offers coming in from schools spanning the country, including Arizona State, Alabama, and Miami.

The 2017 prospect is quickly turning into one of the more coveted quarterbacks in his class, and the attention he received in spring is a testament to that.

"Arizona State, Washington State, Miami, Alabama, Utah, California, USC and UCLA were all by in the spring," Gebbia said. "There were a few more too. I'm just trying to keep a level head about all of it right now."

Gebbia currently has offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Colorado State, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Syracuse, and Washington State, and he thinks a few other big schools could be close.

"I heard that Georgia might be close, Florida might be close, Duke, and maybe North Carolina," Gebbia said. "I also heard UCLA might be close, and maybe Cal."

As it's one of the local schools, UCLA has already earned some real attention from Gebbia.

"I went to a couple of UCLA games last year," Gebbia said. "The Oregon game and the Memphis game. I like their offense. They throw the ball enough for me. What they were able to do with Brett Hundley is pretty exciting, so I look forward to hearing more from them."

Still, Gebbia says he didn't really grow up a fan of any one team in particular. In fact, it was a player who drew his eye when he started watching college football.

"I've just always followed quarterbacks all the time," Gebbia said. "I liked watching Andrew Luck. He's my favorite player. I'm a Colts fan because of him. I watched him pretty much every one of his games at Stanford, and now I watch him basically every Sunday. I also like watching Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I just kind of like watching good offenses and good quarterbacks."

Gebbia is still in the early stages of his recruitment and is still collecting offers, but with quarterback recruiting, it's usually necessary for prospects to commit early to secure their spots. As such, Gebbia is starting to think about a decision timeframe.

"I think it'd be a great thing for me to be committed by late May next year," Gebbia said. "I'm just going to keep the timeline kind of fluid, because I'm not really too worried about it right now. I'm just trying to get better and progress in the game."

As for visits he wants to take this summer, he has nothing definitive planned, but there are a few schools he does want to see.

"I definitely want to see Miami, Washington State, Syracuse, Louisville, Kentucky," Gebbia said. "Honestly, just about all of them. I haven't seen enough of these schools, and it's important to see if I could be comfortable in different settings if I'm going to go to college there."

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