Recruiting Notes From The Opening Check-In

Jul. 8 -- We have all the UCLA news and notes from the first day of The Opening...

The biggest news was Caleb Kelly releasing his top seven and UCLA not making the cut. From what we heard, UCLA had cooled on him a little from an evaluation perspective, but there were still many people around the recruitment who thought it would ultimately come down to a UCLA-Michigan battle. Kelly has been a little wishy-washy with his recruitment (see USC's status change over the last few months), so there's always a chance UCLA could climb back into it, but for now, it looks like Kelly has moved on.

Lamar Winston went in-depth with us about his top three, which includes UCLA, Oregon, and Stanford, but it sounds like this is probably an Oregon vs. Stanford battle. For what it's worth, he talked up his relationship with Scott White as the main reason for his interest in UCLA.

Connor Murphy isn't close to narrowing down his list, but he wants to unofficially visit UCLA sometime over the summer.

JonCarlo Valentin, the Philly offensive guard that Adrian Klemm just offered, wants to officially visit this fall, but isn't sure if he'll be able to swing it at this point. His family may want him to stay local.

Trevon Sidney is announcing this week, and it sounds very likely that USC will be the pick. He's still going to take visits, though.

Mique Juarez said that his recent visit to UCLA for the camp a couple of weeks ago was a good one, and that it puts UCLA and USC back up on nearly equal footing for him, so that's good news. He's been back and forth quite a bit, and this one likely won't be settled until after the season.

Washington D.C. outside linebacker Aaron Hansford wants to officially visit UCLA this fall. The Bruins offered Hansford about a month ago.

Rashan Gary, the nation's number one player, said that he wants to officially visit UCLA this fall. The impression we've gotten though is that it's probably just for the trip out to L.A.

Michael Eletise is going to release a top five this week, and, from what we've heard, it sounds like there's a chance UCLA could be on the outside looking in. We'll have more with Eletise later this week after he releases his top five, but it sounds like this recruitment could be a casualty of Adrian Klemm's suspension.

Terrence Davis, the four-star offensive tackle from Maryland, said that he wants to visit UCLA officially in January. He said he's built a great relationship with Tom Bradley, and that Adrian Klemm has been pushing hard with him in the last couple of weeks. Michigan is the leader, though.

Nothing majorly new with Oluwole Betiku. He still wants to take some official visits, but said there was nothing to make of him not attending the UCLA camp a couple of weeks ago. He's been mostly working with his high school team and has just gotten hung up with preparations for the season. He hasn't taken any unofficial visits anywhere recently, and has no plans for any so far this summer.

Krys Barnes told us he's working heavily on Mique Juarez this week. Otherwise, he's solidly committed, and is hoping to put on a show this week and open some eyes.

Lamar Jackson, who originally thought he might announce this week, is now going to hold off, probably until after the season. He might release a top seven or so after this week, though, and UCLA will definitely make the cut. He still says he has the best relationship with Demetrice Martin of any coach who's recruiting him.

Damar Hamlin, the four-star Pittsburgh cornerback, wants to officially visit UCLA this fall. We'll have plenty more throughout the week from many of the other prospects we haven't had a chance to talk to yet.

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