UCLA Evals From The Opening Day Two

Jul. 9 -- More players stood out on day two of The Opening...

As with a lot of players in this environment, Jones is being used a little out of his comfort zone, playing both safety and cornerback. At safety, he didn't make a huge impact from what we saw, but when he was lined up in press coverage, he excelled like usual. His quick feet, reaction time, and instincts are top-notch, even when compared against the best in the country.

Sidney is nowhere near the best athlete out here, but he might be one of the least-intimidated players on the field. His game has translated really well even against the high-level corners he's going against. His game is built so much on effective route-running, deception, and short-area quickness, and he was able to use all of that to full effect on Thursday, with a number of very good catches.

Linebackers, like safeties, don't get a ton of work in 7-on-7 environments, but just looking at him physicaly, Eifler has clearly developed a good bit since even earlier this spring. He's gotten a little bigger and a little thicker, but he still moves exceptionally well. He's very agile, and can turn his hips in pursuit with ease.

Jackson looks big and rangy, but it's a tough environment to evaluate him since he's playing so much deep safety. He still projects as either a big safety or potentially a linebacker if he keeps filling out.

The Oregon commitment looked good today, getting open with ease, but he just didn't get the ball thrown his way much. Some corners were able to press him with some success, but if he had any space at all to work with, he was able to run past most of the corners he was matched up against.

In any other environment, Harris looks like a freak, but he doesn't stand out quite as much in this environment, given the amount of talent here. He didn't make much of an impact in the games we saw, but his athleticism is obvious, and as the week continues, we imagine he'll start to assert himself more.

Crawford's day was very similar to Howard's. He got open a lot, but just didn't get targeted much. He doesn't quite have Howard's quickness and explosive ability, but he runs good routes and is strong enough to create separation against tight coverage.

I actually wasn't too impressed with Eason today. He missed a lot of throws, and he has a little bit of a funky motion for a big guy, almost side-arming some throws. He still gets the ball out quickly, but his motion might inhibit great accuracy.

Murphy had a good day, covering very well and playing a good deal of press coverage. The West Coast cornerbacks have shown up well as a group, and Murphy was in that group. He looked quick, and reacted well to the receivers.

Hamlin showed off a great backpedal and great closing speed today. He had a couple of plays where he looked like he was beaten off the snap, but somehow got back into the picture by the time the ball got there.

For a guy who might project as a lineman, he actually has been pretty good this week. Catching the ball well, and getting open for long touchdowns. He's a better athlete than you'd think.

Sean McGrew had a great day today. He dropped about one ball that would have been a sure touchdown, but otherwise showed off great speed, explosiveness, and open-field ability. He's going to be a very good college player.

He was his usual self, quick feet, able to run with pretty much anyone.

He still looks the same in terms of his mechanics, with a little hitch in his motion, but he looks good physically and had a great day on Thursday. He built a great rapport with Vaughns, who caught a couple of long passes from him. He was one of the better quarterbacks we saw today.

He's a possession guy, but he looked good, and he was able to use his physicality well to create space over the middle.

Despite a cleat issue, he had a really nice day. He caught one pretty deep touchdown and showed off his excellent hands and route-running ability throughout the day.

We'll just throw him in here since UCLA contacted him last weekend. Patterson wasn't super productive during 7-on-7, with what looked like communication issues between him and his receivers, but just watching him throw, it's pretty understandable why he gets the hype that he gets. He has a very quick, effortless release, great feet, and can roll left or right and throw with great velocity. He was probably the most talented quarterback in attendance.

He looked like a stud, had a great interception after reading the quarterback's eyes in zone coverage, and looked really athletic in both run pursuit and pass coverage. He's been one of our favorite linebackers to watch this weekend.

Sterling-Cole is taller than we expected, looking at least 6'3. He actually has a pretty strong arm, and throws a good spiral. He wasn't very accurate, and like his teammate Patterson, didn't seem to have great communication with his receivers. He says he's still interested in UCLA, and could visit sometime this fall, but Florida and Arizona State might be ahead of the Bruins at this point.

We didn't see Barnes get noticeably burned in pass coverage, but he wasn't sticking like glue to guys either. He was probably the second best linebacker on his team after Juarez, and looked like a true inside linebacker.

Parker was one of our standouts at cornerback today. He never got burned badly, and the only catches receivers had on him came despite good coverage. He legitimately looks a little quicker and faster than when we saw him earlier in the spring.

It's tough to judge safeties in 7-on-7, but Burton has had a solid couple of days. On day one, he had a couple of very good reps in one-on-ones. It's still not certain whether he ends up at receiver or safety at the next level, but he has been pretty much exclusively a safety this week.

I talked with Brady Breeze today about his recruitment, and UCLA has been on him pretty hard despite his Oregon commitment. He might visit soon, and cited the local surf as a reason for his interest (he's a funny guy). He had a pretty good day today.

I liked what I saw of Hansford today. He looked pretty athletic in coverage, and had one nice leaping interception in one game that he took back for a touchdown. He showed good hands there, and since UCLA is recruiting him as a receiver, that's probably a good thing.

This was our first opportunity to see Tagaloa in one-on-ones, and it was a little up and down. He didn't win many reps, but he'd get a pretty good push. He just doesn't have many refined pass moves, and he wasn't using his hands very well to get some separation from the offensive lineman. He looks like a nose tackle to me at this point, with the potential to develop into a three-tech down the road, perhaps, as he develops more technique.

He honestly looks a little smaller than most of the other linemen, since many of them are just as freaky as him. He's a really good athlete, and when he can get a little separation from the OL, he has more than enough speed and strength to blow past any tackle. He told us he dropped ten pounds to run the 40 better, but with his frame, he can pretty easily get to 250+ pounds, and projects as a really nice end in UCLA's system.

I loved what I saw from Murphy. He looks like one of those Henry Anderson/Trent Murhpy long defensive ends that Stanford has used so well in years past, and he easily projects as a 260 pound end in college, and a perfect fit in a 3-4. He is quicker than he looks at his height.

He didn't work out in pads today with the other linemen, so we didn't have a chance to evaluate him extensively today. We liked what we saw yesterday, though, as he looks plenty strong, plays with good pad level, and seems to fit nicely as an interior lineman at the next level.

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