Toailoa Talks UCLA Offer

Jul. 31 -- It took a month, but Leni Toailoa did earn an offer after his performance at UCLA's Camp...

Coming out of the UCLA Camp a month ago, three-star safety Leni Toailoa told us that he thought he'd performed well enough to earn a UCLA offer.

He wasn't proven right immediately, but in the end, his words rang true.

"Coach (Demetrice Martin) just hit me up and told me to call him, and then he wanted to let me know that they liked me and they wanted to offer me," Toailoa said. "This is obviously a big one for me."

It's obvious because Toailoa's brother, Lokeni Toailoa, has been committed to UCLA since March, and the two brothers have long wanted to play with each other in college.

Even with that desire, though, Leni, who is still committed to San Jose State, is not in a rush to flip.

"I'm still going to wait it out, and give it some time," Leni said. "I want to know where I'm going by sometime during the season, and I think I'll wait a little while just to be sure of where I'm going to go. But this was a big one."

Playing locally near his family could be compelling, but as of now, Leni isn't getting any pressure to stay home.

"My parents and brother are obviously happy about it," Leni said of the offer. "But they just told me to do what's best for me and evaluate everybody."

Leni actually has plans to visit San Jose this weekend to evaluate that area as a potential college destination, but he's also planning to see UCLA at some point soon too -- though perhaps not in Westwood.

"I don't have plans to head to campus," Leni said. "But when UCLA hits camp, me, my brother, and my family will head out to San Bernardino, since it's pretty close, and see some practices."

Leni said that Arizona State and Washington are talking to him the most outside of San Jose State and UCLA right now, and that's he's still interested in other schools.

Even with that interest, though, there seems to be a pecking order forming for the 2016 safety.

"I'm still open to other schools, but UCLA is going to be at the top, with San Jose State, Washington, and all those," Toailoa said.

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