Holmes Hearing From Plenty of Schools

Aug. 3 -- The three-star offensive guard from St. John Bosco grew up a fan of one Pac-12 school...

Early 2017 five-star offensive guard Wyatt Davis is earning plenty of well-deserved attention on the recruiting trail this summer, but don't sleep on the player who stands to his right on St. John Bosco's offensive line. Ben Holmes, a three-star offensive guard, has quietly picked up some attention from some major schools this summer, and could start to see some offers rolling in this fall.

The 6'4, 310-pound prospect says that California and Miami have both been on him pretty hard, and he's taken visits to both schools.

"Cal was great," Holmes said of his visit to Berkeley. "I went on a tour and saw all of the facilities. My dad went to law school there, so that's pretty much my dream school to go to California. I loved the facilities, and then the camp the next day, it was a good time, I did really well. I hope I get that offer."

Cal is definitely the dream school here, but Holmes said that he thinks the Hurricanes might actually be closer to offering.

"I went to Miami the week before the Cal camp, and I did really well at the camp," Holmes said. "I went on a facility tour the day after. I got to meet the offensive line coach who I've talked on the phone with a couple of times since then. I really liked the campus there too, and the facilities. The history of the program there is crazy. I actually think they might be closer to offering than Cal."

With his dad an alum of the Cal's law school, though, he's certainly going to get some gentle nudging to up north for college, if the Bears do offer.

"I've been watching Cal ever since I can remember," Holmes said. "My dad is open to anything, but that's where he'd like me to go. But in the end, he just wants me to be happy."

Growing up in Los Angeles, Holmes also has some interest in the local schools.

"I mean, I really like UCLA," Holmes said. "I liked USC also growing up. Growing up in L.A., I've been watching them both since I was a little kid. They're definitely two of my top schools, and I'd like to check them out more."

Holmes does have another couple of visits he wants to take sometime soon.

"I'm going to try to go to Washington," Holmes said. "I was at San Diego State a lot earlier this year, I think I might go back there soon. I just want to check out a few more schools unofficially over the next few months."

As for Bosco this year, with Josh Rosen departed for UCLA, the Braves will be relying even more on their star running back Sean McGrew and, perhaps even more importantly, an offensive line anchored by Holmes and Davis.

"Wyatt and I both started last year s sophomores for a top-notch team," Holmes said. "Our coaches are expecting us to be a dominant force. That's going to be our strongest side, the left side. Wyatt's a really good player and he played some left tackle for us last year, and I think we're both up for the challenge."

The expectations are high in Bellflower, even with the Braves breaking in a new starting quarterback.

"We kind of have a different offense this year, because we're going to be relying on Sean more this year, after relying on Josh last year," Holmes said. "If we're going to play well, we're going to need to block really well as an offensive line. We need to be more dominant than any line out there.

"It's definitely exciting, heading into the season, because I believe we're going to win the state this year."

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